0345 Numbers – Are They Cost Free?

0345 telephone number

The increasing popularity of these non-geographical telephone numbers is through the fact that they cannot be recognized on the basis of their geographical area in the United Kingdom. The appearance of the number alone will not be sufficient enough to reveal the place of the caller and the receiver with a change in codes. Nongeographic numbers are also abbreviated as NGNS, which is used by large organizations like hospitals, government departments, charities, and other banks.

Who Calls From 0345 Numbers?

Have you ever received a call from a 0345 number and been unsure who it could be? Businesses, government agencies, and organizations commonly use these numbers. One of the reasons why they’re so popular is that they keep much information about the caller’s location and identity private.

Some examples of companies using 0345 numbers include insurance providers, banks, utility companies, and charities. They may also be used for customer service or helplines.

Not all calls from 0345 numbers are legitimate – there have been reports of scams involving these phone numbers. If you receive an unexpected call from a 0345 number asking for personal information or payment details, it’s important to stay vigilant and research before providing sensitive data.

In summary, it can be difficult to identify exactly who calls you from a 0345 number due to its widespread use among various organizations and businesses.

Numbers belonging to the 03 categories, like 0330, 0333, 0370, or 0345, are included in an individual’s mobile minutes or monthly landlines. Otherwise, this non-geographical telephone number, 0345, is charged at local prices at 01 and 02 numbers (also known as small call charges). In order to treat 03 telephone numbers identically to 01 and 02 phone numbers irrespective of the device used for calling like mobile or landline.

Large organizations like hypermarts, banks, government departments, and businesses have been indulging in converting their typical 0845 telephone number for a 0345 phone number.

non-geographical telephone numbers

 Are 0345 numbers free? 

Well, unfortunately, calls to 0345 telephone numbers are not free of cost. However, they are included in all the call recharge packages wherein the user must pay a certain amount of extra charges to access these nongeographical telephone numbers. It is always advised to ask your service provider whether or not these numbers are charged for calls or if are they free for calling.

These nongeographical telephone numbers are charged at 9 pence per minute if it is not included in the phone tariff, depending on the individual’s provider. The 0345 telephone number is said to be a special kind of landline charge phone number bought by businesses, public sector organizations, or government bodies. The telephone numbers are charged at a standard similar landline rate when all the telephone numbers start with 01, 02, and 03. The Ofcom regulations treat all the numbers equally and apply to everyone whether or not utilizing a landline or mobile to call these numbers.

0345 number cost

The rate applied to a business helpline or a landline is very much the same as the rates or charges applied to any call to 0345 phone numbers stated under the Ofcom regulations. The rates of 01 and 02 numbers are similar to the rates of a number starting with 03 telephone numbers.

This particular number is not ideal or suitable for small businesses but is highly in demand by large organizations like hospitals, charities, government departments, and businesses. Ofcom regulates the use of these 0345 telephone numbers in order to determine how much it will cost.

If you are calling on a 0345 number (which means numbers starting with 03 range like 0300, 0333, 0330, 0370), it will charge you the same amount that is charged by telephone numbers with 01 or 02 stars.

Calling a 0345 telephone number from a smartphone is billed exactly the same as when compared to the costs of calls to general landlines and to most of contract-based customers this means that it must directly pop out of the inclusive minutes. A few main networks with their prices are mentioned below:

0345 numbers free on EE

  • 3 (three) –costs 3 pence per minute.
  • EE –costs 30 pence per minute.
  • 02 –costs 35 pence per minute.
  • Vodafone –costs 30 pence per minute.
  • Virgin mobile –costs 26 per minute.
  • Orange -25 pence per minute.

Are 0345 numbers free on EE?

 Well, here’s some good news, which is that 0345 telephone numbers are absolutely free on EE. If the user uses the option ‘pay as you go’ or has a contract with EE, then these non-geographical numbers are included in the call package, which does not charge any extra amount and can be used within the free minutes.

It acts as an alternative to the much more expensive number that is 0845, which large organizations like hospitals, non-profit organizations, government departments, etc., earlier used. This replacement makes the task of contacting these organizations to get assistance and answers much easier if you are calling them from EE.

The above-mentioned information only applies to EE customers having a contract or using the ‘pay as you go’ option because other landline and mobile companies may charge anything from 3 pence to 55 pence per minute.

Are 0345 numbers free on 02?

 Calling a 0345 telephone number on o2 is rated exactly the same when compared to calling a number with 01 and 02 starts. On a sim-only or contract deal, all the 0345 starting phone numbers are imposed as a part of all-inclusive free minutes, and if using the ‘pay as you go’ feature, the user is charged 30 pence. This is the only reason businesses have been indulged in choosing a 0345 phone number for customer service lines and marketing. In order to make phone calls extremely affordable for individuals, Ofcom has created an alternative and introduced the numbers starting with 03.

0345 numbers free on Vodafone

Are 0345 numbers free on Vodafone? 

It pretty much costs the same and is considered a standard United Kingdom landline and mobile number. The calls to 0345 telephone numbers will cost the individual 30 pence per minute only when the individual does not have Vodafone big value bundles or any inclusive minutes in the ‘pay as you go’ option. However, if the individual calls 0345 phone numbers for inclusive minutes, then the time spent on these calls will fall under normal. Any call beyond the inclusive limits will cost the individual 30 pence per minute.

The subscribers of the big value bundle in the ‘pay as you go’ feature also let the customers call 0345 numbers for free in the inclusive minute’s duration. Otherwise, the customers are charged 35 pence per minute.

The ‘pay monthly’ customers will have inclusive minutes in order to make calls to 0345 phone numbers. If the inclusive minutes are over, each call to 0345 numbers will cost the individual 55 pence per minute.

Are 0345 Numbers Free on 3?

If you are a three mobile customer, you might wonder if calling 0345 numbers is free. Well, the answer is yes and no.

It depends on your plan or package with 3. Some plans include free calls to all standard UK landlines and mobiles, starting with 01, 02, and 03 (which includes the prefix for most business numbers). However, some plans may have restrictions or charges for calling certain numbers.

To find out if your plan includes free calls to 0345 numbers on three networks, it’s best to check directly with their customer service team or via your account online. They can provide you with more detailed information about your specific package so that you know exactly what’s included.

While some customers may enjoy free calls to these business numbers as part of their package deal with Three Mobile Network, others may not be so lucky, depending on their circumstances and contract terms.

Are 0345 Numbers Free on Virgin?

If you’re a Virgin Mobile customer, you might wonder whether calls to 0345 numbers are free. Well, the answer is yes and no.

Firstly, if you have a monthly payment plan with Virgin Mobile that includes unlimited minutes, then calling an 0345 number will be free as it’s treated like any other UK landline number.

However, if you have a pay-as-you-go plan with Virgin Mobile or your pay, the monthly plan has limited minutes; calling an 0345 number will cost you. The cost of the call will vary depending on your specific plan and tariff rates.

It’s important to note that even though some plans may include free calls to UK landlines, this only sometimes extends to calls made to non-geographic numbers such as 0345.

To avoid unexpected charges when dialing an 0345 number from your Virgin Mobile phone, check your plan details beforehand. It’s always better to be safe than sorry!

Are 0345 Numbers Free on Tesco Mobile?

If you’re a Tesco Mobile user, you may be wondering if calling 0345 numbers is free.

Firstly, it’s important to note that Tesco Mobile operates on the O2 network. Any charges or policies regarding 0345 numbers will likely mirror those of O2.

According to the O2 website, calls to 03 numbers (which includes 0345) are included in your monthly allowance of minutes if you have a contract with inclusive minutes. However, if you’ve used up all your inclusive minutes for the month, calling an 03 number may incur additional charges.

Additionally, if you’re on pay-as-you-go with no inclusive minutes, calls to 03 numbers will cost the same as calls to standard UK landlines – usually around 3-35p per minute.

It’s worth noting that these policies can change over time and may differ based on specific tariffs or contracts with Tesco Mobile/O2. As always, checking directly with your provider for the most accurate information about call charges and allowances is best.

Are 0345 Numbers Free on BT?

In conclusion, 0345 numbers have become popular for businesses and organizations alike. They offer a non-geographic alternative to traditional landline numbers, which can be useful for companies with multiple locations or mobile workforces.

Regarding the cost of calling 0345 numbers, it is important to check with your service provider. While some providers may include these calls as part of their free minutes package, others may charge an additional fee.

As for BT customers wondering if 0345 numbers are free on their network, the answer is yes. Calls from a BT landline are charged at the same rate as local calls – making them a cost-effective choice when contacting businesses or organizations that use this type of number.

Understanding the costs of calling 0345 numbers will depend on your phone plan and provider. Be sure to research before making any calls to avoid unexpected charges on your bill.

FAQ – 0345 Numbers

FAQ – 0345 NumbersCan you call 0345 numbers from abroad?

Unfortunately, 0345 numbers can only be called from within the United Kingdom. If you are outside of the UK you can only call 0345 numbers if you pay roaming charges. However, you can still contact companies with 0345 numbers by using their alternative contact methods, such as email or web chat.

Where is the 0345 area code from?

0345 numbers are special “non-geographic” numbers with no specific area code. This means they are not associated with any area in the UK and can be called from anywhere in the UK at the same cost, making them an ideal choice for national business helplines or customer services.

Who uses 0345 numbers?

Millions of people in the UK use 0345 numbers, including businesses and individuals. They are cost-effective, convenient and easy to remember. You can use them for customer service lines, enquiries or other contact purposes – all at a lower price than landline or mobile numbers. Plus, as they don’t require an area code, you save time dialing.

Is 0345 a mobile number?

No, 0345 is not a mobile number. It is a landline number that any UK-based business can use for customer service, sales, and other support purposes. 0345 numbers are charged the same as an 01 or 02 geographic landline number, which means calls to such numbers will be included in bundled minutes from all major mobile networks.

What is the difference between 0800 and 0345 numbers?

0800 numbers are free to call from landlines and mobiles, while 0345 numbers may be charged at a different rate (depending on your cell phone operator). Generally, 0345 numbers are cheaper than standard landline numbers starting with 01 or 02. With 0345 numbers, you can expect higher quality service from businesses while having more flexibility in where you call them from.