Top 8 Marketing Tips for your Small Business

Top 8 Marketing Tips for your Small Business

If you own a small business, you’re probably already aware that marketing is essential. Without it, people wouldn’t find out about your business or learn about your products and services. Marketing allows you to reach a wider audience and turn them into paying customers. Many small businesses can find marketing overwhelming, and rightly so. With so many different strategies it can be hard to know where to invest and spend your time and money. If you’re looking to be pointed in the right direction, you’re in luck.

In this post, we outline our top 8 marketing tips for small businesses which you can begin to implement to kick-start your campaigns and start driving more revenue.

Top 8 Marketing Tips for Your Small Business

1. Motion Graphic Design

It’s no surprise that in today’s marketplace that the content you produce can either make or break your campaign. If you want to ensure that your product or service gains positive results, you have to ensure that you produce something eye-catching and one way to do that is with motion graphic design.

Top 8 Marketing Tips for your Small Business - Motion Graphic Design

Motion graphic design videos are animated videos that use a variety of graphics and audio to tell the story of your product or service. The great thing about them is that they make your product or service much easier to digest for the consumer and this can lead to conversions as they remember your video much better than a piece of still content.

If you are unsure how to get started with animated explainer videos, a specialist animation agency in London like OK Social can help.

2. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) holds a lot of value for your digital marketing strategy, which is why almost every business dedicates some of their marketing budget to it. When you take the time out to plan and implement an SEO strategy for your business it can help to increase traffic to your site and help you increase your revenue with additional sales.

3. Animated Social Media Ads

Animated social media ads are 2d animation videos to help promote a company’s products or services. Although this type of ad is commonly seen on TV, it’s now become more apparent that videos are reigning supreme on other social platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Animated Social Media Ads

In fact, it has been estimated that 82% of all web traffic in 2022 will come from video, which is why it’s so important to ensure that if you want to capture the attention of your target audience that you’re staying one step ahead of the game with animated social media ads.

4. Customer Testimonial Video

If you’re a small business owner, you will understand the time and effort that goes in to converting your leads into paying customers. But how can you convert them without being too forceful? One way is with customer testimonial videos.

A customer testimonial video is a review of your products or services. Because it’s a real customer giving their account of your products or services, it helps to build brand trust and credibility which is important for acquiring new customers.

5. Company Story Video

Company story videos are videos that tell the story of your brand and how it allows your target customers to overcome common problems. Ideally less than 90 seconds in length, a compelling company story video gives potential customers an insight to who your business is, what you do and why you do it.

Company Story Video

When you create company story videos, you can connect with your target consumers quickly and efficiently and this helps your brand become relatable to them.

6. Utilise Creative Content

While creating videos and upgrading your SEO are great strategies for your marketing plan, another way you can improve your brand visibility is by utilising your creative content across your social platforms and channels. Not only does it save you time and effort, but it allows you to reach more consumers across a variety of channels and increase your chances of gaining more sales.

7. Email Campaigns

Email Campaigns

Email marketing for your products and services is a quick and cost-effective way of reaching new customers and retaining existing customers by encouraging website visits. It can allow you to create personalised content to those on your mailing list which can help with your relationships, and this can help to boost your revenue and sales.

8. Word of Mouth

You shouldn’t underestimate the power of word of mouth as part of your marketing strategy. It’s a successful way to boost sales, support products and services, enhance brand recognition and develop customer loyalty.

When you employ a word-of-mouth marketing strategy, you can encourage your customers to create positive conversations about your products or services and this can lead to new business as it helps to build brand credibility and trust.