0370 Numbers – Are They Cost Free?

0370 Numbers UK

What are 0370 numbers?

Are you looking to learn about 0370 numbers? Non-geographical phone numbers are impossible to recognize where the caller is situated, so these numbers are gaining popularity globally. Unlike the conventional phone numbers, 01 or 02, these non-geographical phone numbers from a landline cannot be tracked or identified as to where it is based.

Large organizations like non-profit organizations, hospitals, charities, government departments, and banks usually use the 0370 phone numbers. The 0370 phone numbers are not ideal for small businesses or individuals. The customers can gain some advantages from a 0370 phone number in order to contact the business. The typical advantage of 0370 phone numbers is the ‘cost.’ The cost of 0370 phone numbers is the same in terms of phoning charges when compared to geographic telephone numbers 01 and 02.

Another advantage of the 0370 phone number is that it may not even charge the individual for calling the 0370 number. For example, many people have an existing data package for their smartphones, which offers them ample free calls in a month. So when you call a 0370 phone number during these free periods, you will eventually not be charged.

What is a 0370 number

Are 0370 numbers free?

The 0370 numbers neither are freephone numbers nor are they premium-rate numbers. The charges applied on calling the 0370 numbers are charged exactly at the same rate when compared to other landline numbers. However, this depends on the individual’s call package; as mentioned above, if an individual has the option of free calls as a part of their call package, then the calls connected to 0370 phone numbers become free.

How much does it cost to call a 0370 phone number? 

A connection fee and a duration fee are charged to individuals calling 0370 phone numbers. It costs the same as it costs to call other landline numbers and hence is treated like landline numbers. However, if you’re calling from the United Kingdom, you are lucky enough to get a bundle of free calls or minutes included in your call packages to call a 0370 phone number.

These nongeographical phone numbers start with 03, and all the 03 numbers are identical regarding call charges. An individual can call any phone number with 03 attached to it and pay the same amount that would be incurred while making a call using a 0370 number.

Calls from outside the United Kingdom are allowed by a few 0370 phone numbers; if not, an alternative number shall be provided. The international dialing code of the United Kingdom, that is, +44 or +0044, must be added if you wish to call a 0370 phone number outside the United Kingdom. However, we have seen a huge rise in the use of these non-geographical landline phone numbers worldwide because of its specialty of maintaining the anonymity of the caller’s location, making it difficult to recognize the calling party by just looking at the phone numbers alone.

The 03 number has gained popularity in the United Kingdom as the entities recognize the advantages they bring to customers and businesses. The 03 phone numbers came into existence in 2007 after the regulator recommended the stoppage of more expensive numbers, that is, 084. The consumers are, however, not fully aware of these advantages of using 03 phone numbers and often misunderstand such phone numbers to be fraudulent or suspicious. Different service providers with their peak costs are mentioned below:

  • BT –costs 12 pence per minute with added 21 pence for set-up charges.
  • TalkTalk –costs 13.5 pence per minute.
  • Sky –costs 9.5 pence per minute.
  • Virgin Media –costs 12 pence per minute.
  • Are 0370 numbers free on EE?

0370 numbers free on Vodafone

Making a call to 0370 phone numbers is charged at a local standard rate, Irrespective of which EE tariff is the individual on. This rate is effectively applied to other types of non-geographical 03 helplines as well as to 01 and 02 local numbers.

However, there is a warning here, which is you can use these minutes in substitution to paying the standard rates only if you possess inclusive minutes on your EE tariff as they are totally compatible with 0370 numbers which seem to be perfect for individuals making the most out of their rewards.

Are 0370 numbers free on Vodafone?

The cost of calling the 0370 number on Vodafone is exactly the same compared to the cost of calling a standard geographic landline number 01 or 02. However, the only difference between the two is that the non-geographical phone number 0370 is a United Kingdom-based number. The cost of calling totally depends upon the call package of Vodafone.

Vodafone offers a bundle of free minutes to 01, 02, and 03 numbers to the ones owning a Vodafone call package. An individual can use the duration of the free call to make a call to 0370 phone numbers but cannot continue to do the same in case the minutes of the free call are finished. So the individual pays only when the free minutes are used up.

The various plans or cost of calling a 0370 phone number with Vodafone includes:

  • ‘Monthly pay’ comes with fifty-five pence (55p) per minute.
  • ‘Pay as you go’ which comes with thirty-five pence (35p) per minute.
  • The user may be charged around thirty pence (30p) per minute if they do not have a call package.

Are 0370 numbers free on o2?

Yes, 0370 phone numbers are absolutely free on 02. So using 0370 phone numbers to call on 02 pay monthly phone does not cost anything in addition to making calls to ordinary landline numbers like 01 or 02. The individual does not have to pay any additional amount when calling the 0370 phone numbers, provided the individual has included the leftover minutes to the monthly deal saying that the individual is on with 02.

Are 0370 Numbers Free on EE?

No, 0370 numbers are not free on EE. Charges may apply depending on your monthly allowance or standard rate. It is recommended to check with your service provider for their pricing policies. Inclusive calls or packages that cover 0370 numbers may be available from some providers.

Are 0370 Numbers Free on Tesco Mobile?

No, calling 0370 numbers on Tesco Mobile incurs charges that differ by plan. Consult your mobile plan or Tesco Mobile for details. Consider alternative methods of contacting businesses with 0370 numbers, such as email or online chat.

Are 0370 Numbers Free on Giffgaff?

Calling 0370 numbers on Giffgaff is not free and will be charged according to your call allowance or credit balance. The charge may differ depending on your plan. Confirming the cost of calling 0370 numbers with Giffgaff customer service is advisable.

Are 0370 Numbers Free on BT?

Calling 0370 numbers on BT is not free but may be included in some calling plans. It’s important to check with your phone provider for pricing details. Consider using a VoIP service or internet calling app for a cheaper alternative.


In conclusion, 0370 numbers are not free on all mobile networks. While some networks offer inclusive minutes for these numbers, others charge standard or premium rates. It’s important to check with your specific mobile network to understand their charges and policies for 0370 numbers. If you’re looking for a cost-effective solution for your business or personal needs, consider using a virtual phone number service like MightyCall that offers affordable and flexible plans. With features like call routing, voicemail transcription, and more, you can manage your calls efficiently and effectively without breaking the bank.

FAQ – 0370 Numbers

FAQ – 0370 NumbersWhat is the code 0370?

The code 0370 is a non-geographic area code used by UK businesses and organizations instead of local codes. It allows for flexibility in serving customers across the country, and calls to these numbers are charged at standard national rates, regardless of the caller’s location.

How much does Vodafone charge for 0370 numbers?

Calling 0370 numbers on Vodafone costs 55p per minute, but rates may vary depending on the customer’s plan. It’s best to confirm with Vodafone customer service. Consider alternative contact methods like email or online chat to avoid charges.

Who uses 0370 numbers?

Organizations like businesses, government agencies, and non-profits use 0370 numbers as an alternative to traditional phone numbers. Healthcare providers, charities, and financial services companies frequently use them. Calls to 0370 numbers are charged at the same rate as standard landlines.

What is the most expensive phone number?

The most expensive phone numbers in the UK are premium rate numbers, with charges ranging from 10p to £3.60 per minute. These numbers are often used for entertainment services, voting on TV shows, or accessing information services. It’s important to be aware of the costs before calling these numbers.

Is 0370 free on three?

No, 0370 numbers are not free on the Three networks, and standard rates apply. Inclusive minutes may be used to call them without extra charges. However, pricing and plans vary between network providers, so verifying with yours is important.