Top Reasons Why AI Is Being Used To Scale Corporate Security

Top Reasons Why AI Is Being Used To Scale Corporate Security

73% of businesses have adopted security investments that incorporate AI. If you’re looking to scale corporate security, you should consider investing in AI technologies.

Why is AI so valuable to a corporate security strategy?

Keep reading as this guide discusses the main applications of AI in corporate security and how you can improve security protocols and processes with AI.

Why AI Is Being Used To Scale Corporate Security

Why AI Is Being Used To Scale Corporate Security

Suppose you’re looking for ways to get the most out of your security technologies and fortify your system against security threats. In that case, you should consider the benefits of AI in the security sphere. Here, we will discuss some of the best uses of AI for scaling corporate security and the benefits that AI can have in a security strategy.

Improving The Function Of Security Cameras

Security camera systems are a staple feature in any security system for commercial buildings. Your security camera system serves two core functions:

  • Providing evidence – if a crime occurs on your property, you need a surveillance system to provide proof. If there has been damage to your property or you have fallen victim to theft, having evidence of the incident could be helpful in your insurance claim. If there is a police investigation regarding the incident, then surveillance footage could be instrumental in aiding the investigation.
  • Deterring crime – simply placing your security cameras in full view of your building’s exterior could prevent criminals from attempting to enter the property. If an unauthorised user sees that they are being watched, they will be less likely to try to enter the property.

These two primary functions make surveillance a worthy investment for businesses, but by implementing AI, you can improve the function of your security cameras further.

Your security staff will be unable to monitor the video feed consistently. They will have rounds to perform and other tasks to attend to that will divide their attention.

Why AI Is Being Used To Scale Corporate Security - Improving The Function Of Security Cameras

Plus, there may be a high volume of security cameras on the premises, making your team unable to monitor all footage at once. If your security staff cannot consistently watch surveillance footage, this will make them less likely to spot potential security incidents.

However, AI can monitor your surveillance camera information and detect potential security incidents. If there is a potential security threat, your team will receive alerts that will allow them to address the issue. This increases the likelihood of your team responding early to a security threat and preventing a crime from occurring.

Equipping Security Staff To Spot Anomalies

You can implement AI to spot anomalies in the data from your physical security system. The AI  will flag any discrepancies and irregularities in your access control system data, and AI will send alerts to your security staff. This way, you will secure your building from intruders, and any unauthorised attempt to enter your facility will be detected.

Using Facial Recognition Software And Integrated Security

A significant risk comes with any access control installation such as a key card door lock system. There is a potential for an unauthorised party to use stolen access credentials to enter your building. You can integrate access control and video surveillance technology to prevent this risk.

Using Facial Recognition Software And Integrated Security

A video intercom reader has built-in touchless access and high-definition video to roll both security features into one device. With this integration, your security staff can view access logs and video feed on one interface to verify the identity of users.

Or, you may wish to automate the identity verification process by applying AI to your integrated system. Identity verification software will automatically verify the identity of users, ensuring MFA at your building’s entrance while maximising convenience for your security staff.

Enabling Automated Workflows For Security Events

You can implement AI to ensure automated workflows are created and assigned to staff when a security incident occurs. You must develop and outline your incident response procedures and apply them to your automated workflow software. The software will reduce the legwork of incident response, assigning workflows to team members without manual intervention, lengthening response times. AI will ensure workflows are prioritised.

AI And Cybersecurity

AI And Cybersecurity

AI is instrumental in scaling your cybersecurity practices. AI enhances your cybersecurity strategies in the following ways:

  • Automating workflows – your cybersecurity AI can automate workflows, allowing your IT department to prioritise tasks and assign tasks more efficiently without human intervention.
  • Analysing threat exposure – AI uses the latest information to develop accurate predictions for the attacks most likely to affect your business, allowing you to establish response procedures for these threats.
  • Asset inventory – AI can help to give you the most up-to-date asset inventory at all times. Devices, users, and applications that access AI will consistently document your network.


You can enhance the function of your security investments by implementing AI. AI can help automate workflows, improve your incident response procedures and can help to hasten your security threat detection, equipping your team to prevent security incidents on your property. Consider which applications of AI would minimise vulnerabilities in your security strategy and help you get the best ROI on your security investments.