Top 10 Best Clubs in London

Top 10 Best Clubs in London

Are you looking for the best clubs in London to dance the night away? Look no further. We have curated a list of the top 10 best clubs that offer everything from techno and house to R&B and hip-hop. We have covered you, from the iconic White Heat Club to the lively Carwash Nightclub. Join us as we tour London’s hottest nightlife spots and give you all the information you need before hitting the dance floor. Prepare to wear your dancing shoes and party all night at these must-visit clubs in London.

Top 10 Best Clubs in London

London’s nightlife scene is unbeatable and boasts some of the world’s most incredible venues. You’ll find a unique vibe at each venue, with talented DJs spinning everything from hip-hop to trance on Saturdays at venues like Fabric, XOYO, and Ministry of Sound. London has live music options, too, with Circus in Soho bringing big names and Canning Town’s Colour Factory hosting live music events.

Get ready to dance till dawn on Tuesdays at Egg London or Thursdays at Corsica Studios with their booming bass and outdoor terrace. With so much happening every day of the week, including brunch parties on Sundays at Hackney’s Village Underground and special guests every Wednesday at KOKO, London’s clubs cater to every taste.

1. White Heat Club

White Heat Club

If you’re an indie music lover in London looking for a unique and authentic clubbing experience, White Heat Club should be on your list of venues to check out. With an excellent alternative music scene featuring up-and-coming DJs and bands that play everything from bass-heavy beats to live music gigs, this venue promises a vibe that’s hard to forget. The intimate atmosphere makes it easy to meet new people while enjoying affordable entry prices and drink specials all night long.

2. Carwash Nightclub

Carwash Nightclub

One of London’s most popular nightclubs is the Carwash Nightclub which exudes a retro and disco-themed vibe. This London nightclub boasts multiple dance floors and an exclusive VIP area where guests can unwind and let loose. The cocktail bar serves some signature drinks while themed nights like Studio 54 and Boogie Nights transport you through time with their classic tunes. Established in 1989, Carwash Nightclub has become an iconic hotspot manned by resident DJs spinning tracks till the wee hours.

3. Naacho Night Club

Naacho Night Club

Experience the ultimate cultural fusion at London’s Naacho Night Club. With its unique blend of Indian and Western music, Naacho’s energetic vibe gets you on the dancefloor all night. Sip on classic cocktails or try their Indian-inspired drinks while you groove to the beats played by resident DJs or enjoy live performances by local and international artists. Don’t just hit any venue when planning a party night in London; choose Naacho Night Club for a memorable night of pure fun.

4. St Moritz Club

St Moritz Club

Boasting retro-chic decor and live music events, St Moritz Club is one of the best clubs in London. Located in Soho’s heart, it has entertained visitors since 1964. The music styles range from rock ‘n’ roll to soul and disco while hosting themed parties often. From lively dance floors to special guests and big-name DJs, St Moritz Club creates a vibe worth visiting, and it has one of the biggest bars in London.

5. Corsica Studios

Corsica Studios

Located in South London, Corsica Studios is an artistic hotspot that blends music with contemporary art. Its two rooms offer different vibes on different nights with techno beats to live soulful jazz sessions. With state-of-the-art sound systems and big names like Four Tet gracing its stage, Corsica Studios is a must-visit venue for any serious club-goer looking for experimental electronic sounds.

6. Kadies Club

Kadies Club

Located in the heart of London, Kadies Club is a legendary venue that has entertained sophisticated crowds since the 1940s. The Art Deco, decor and signature cocktails add to the glamorous vibe of this London nightclub. From live music to dancing and private rooms for special events and VIP experiences, Kadies Club has everything you need for an unforgettable night in London. Remember to dress to impress at this hotspot!

7. Basing House

Basing House

Located in East London, Basing House boasts a relaxed atmosphere and is perfect for a night out with friends. The venue has a capacity of up to 400 people and features a Funktion-One sound system, making it an excellent choice for those who love bass-heavy dance music.

With regular events featuring renowned DJs and live performances, Basing House offers unique experiences every time you step onto its dancefloor. Be sure to check out this hotspot on Tuesdays for their disco-infused club nights or on Saturdays for their techno-fueled raves.

8. The Steel Yard

The Steel Yard

Located in the heart of London, The Steel Yard is a unique venue featuring an industrial-style interior with exposed brick walls and metal beams. With two rooms and its state-of-the-art sound system, you can lose yourself to the bass on the dancefloor or take a break from the crowd in the second room, providing the perfect ambience for lounging. This hotspot for techno lovers attracts special guests frequently.

9. ATM London

ATM London

If you’re looking for a nightspot with a fantastic vibe, then ATM London is your go-to venue. This hotspot boasts two floors, each offering a distinct experience with its choice of music. The ground floor pumps out commercial hits that’ll get your feet tapping all night while the basement thumps to R&B and hip-hop music beats. However, do remember to check out their dress code policy beforehand!

10. Popworld – Watling Street

Popworld - Watling Street

If you’re looking for a good time in London’s nightlife scene, check out Popworld on Watling Street. This London nightclub boasts colourful decor and retro music videos playing on the screens to give you that perfect party vibe. With various drinks specials and weekly promotions, Popworld is an affordable option for those who want to have fun without breaking the bank. Try their signature cocktails while enjoying the latest pop and party anthems.


London’s nightlife is famous for its diversity and vibrancy, with a club to suit every taste. If you want an intimate basement venue or a grand ballroom, London has it all. We have narrowed down the top 10 best clubs in London, each with its unique ambience and vibe. From the quirky Naacho Nightclub to the trendy Corsica Studios, these clubs offer something for everyone.

FAQ – Top 10 Best Clubs in London

FAQ - Top 10 Best Clubs in London

Where do Londoners go clubbing?

London offers a diverse clubbing scene catering to different tastes. Popular areas like Shoreditch, Camden, Soho, and Vauxhall host some of the best clubs, such as Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Printworks. For a more intimate atmosphere, Londoners also explore smaller underground venues.

Which clubs in London do celebrities go to?

Popular clubs in London known for celebrity sightings include Cirque Le Soir, Tape London, The Box, and Mahiki. However, remember that celebrities may not always be present, and the specific club can vary depending on the night.

What is the most exclusive club in England?

Determining the most exclusive club in England is challenging as membership criteria are kept private. However, some of the most prestigious clubs in London include Annabel’s, The Arts Club, and 5 Hertford Street. These clubs have high membership fees, strict dress codes and are typically reserved for wealthy or influential individuals.

What nightclubs do footballers go to in London?

While it’s hard to know which nightclubs footballers visit in London, some popular venues include Tape, Cirque Le Soir, and Libertine. Private members’ clubs like Annabel’s or The Arts Club may also be an option. However, many celebrities and footballers prefer to keep their nightlife activities private.

Which club is the pride of London?

London has a diverse and ever-changing nightlife scene, making it hard to pinpoint a single club as the city’s “pride.” Popular venues like Fabric, Ministry of Sound, and Egg London cater to different music styles and budgets. It’s worth exploring to find your perfect fit.