5 Best Solicitors in the UK

5 Best Solicitors in the UK

Getting the best solicitor to represent you is the best thing you can do if you’re looking forward to a positive outcome. Whether you are buying or selling property in the UK, you will always reach out to a solicitor to represent you.

In the UK, many law firms specialize in different fields of law. When you consider hiring a conveyancer in the UK, there are many factors you want to look into, like experience, area of specialization, and fees. You also want to know if the law firm has a good reputation.

5 Best Solicitors in the UK

1. AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors London 

AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors London is one of the top conveyancing solicitors in the UK, with headquarters in London. The conveyancer offers services in nearly all locations of the UK, including Southampton, Reading, Nottingham, Manchester, and many other places.

When you visit AVRillo’s official website, the statistics are amazing. The company has a 95% success rate, handling more than 40000 clients in different places. The company received the ESTAS conveyancing awards in 2017 and was voted one of the best firms to work in the UK.

5 Best Solicitors in the UK - AVRillo Conveyancing Solicitors London 

AVRillo stands out from the rest of the companies because it offers collaboration, speed, communication, and trust to its clients. When buying and registering a property in the UK, AVRillo is one of the top law firms to reach out for fast conveyancing. The conveyancer does not charge up-front costs when you seek their services.

2. Kangs Solicitors 

Kangs solicitors are the experts you need by your side when it comes to criminal, tax, civil, and extradition law in the UK. The law firm is dynamic, experienced, and specialized in civil law. It has offices in London, Manchester, and Birmingham.

Those seeking representation in civil recovery cases can find solace in the UK. The law firm is a winner of the national award, Legal 500, the Criminal, Fraud & Licensing Law Firm of the Year. Kangs solicitor has been in practice since 1997, which makes it one of the most experienced firms in the country.

Kangs civil law expertise includes commercial litigation, insolvency, civil fraud, civil recovery, and property freezing orders. When facing intellectual property and cryptocurrency disputes, Kangs Solicitor can greatly help you. Kangs is regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority in the UK, which makes it credible and reliable for handling civil and extradition lawsuit.

3. DLA Piper 

DLA Piper is one of the top law firms in the UK, with headquarters in London. The law firm has been in practice for years, offering reliable and trustworthy representation for their clients. Some of the main practice areas for DLA Piper include corporate crime, finance, government affairs, energy, insurance, hospitality, pension, mergers, tax, technology, and other areas.

DLA Piper 

The law firm is recognized as a leader in the UK for its diversity and sphere of its bench. It is recognized in the UK as a leading law firm with offices in London, Leeds, and Edinburgh.

4. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer 

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is one of the top pro bono law firms you can find in the UK. Over the years, the law firm has improved their pro bono hours by nearly 50%, putting them first amongst other pro bono law firms in the UK.

For the last year, the law firm has maintained its excellent reputation in the industry. For instance, it increased its pro bono hours per lawyer to 53.9 hours, recording one of the highest for major law firms in the UK. Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer is in the public limelight for pushing pro bono up the legal agenda.

5. Easthams Solicitors 

Easthams Solicitors is one of the most reputable law firms in the UK. The law firm has specialized in personal injury, lasting power of attorney, and commercial property. They have been in the legal industry for years, always offering their clients the best legal representation.

Easthams Solicitors 

The law firm has a team of dedicated lawyers who will handle your injury case with understanding and dedication. Their team has over a decade of experience in different areas and that means they can advise you accordingly on the next step to take when facing a personal injury case in the UK.

Final Thoughts

Getting a solicitor in the UK should not be difficult if you know where to look. When buying property or facing a civil recovery case in the UK, you can look forward to hiring AVRillo and Kangs.

These two have been reviewed as some of the top solicitors in the country. They have an experienced team of attorneys and are proud of the many clients they have helped over the years. The other law firms can also be of help when facing civil lawsuit, personal injury, and power of attorney.