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Top 10 Bus Companies in London

When it comes to transport, Bus transport is one of the best ways to travel to the workplace or any nearby location in daily day to day life. There are many bus companies in the UK, but mostly they are operated by the big five groups of companies like Arriva, First Group, Go-Ahead Group, National Express, Stagecoach Group which was emerged in the year 1990. There are also some foreign-owned bus companies in the UK. In this blog, let’s see some of the best serving bus companies.

Top 10 Bus Companies in the UK

1. Arriva


Arriva is one of the largest bus operators in the UK. This company is based in Sunderland in England. Arriva UK Bus is a subsidiary of Arriva. This company runs transport services all across Europe and which is also a subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn since the year 2010.

Arriva UK has nearly 6k buses running all over London, North West, North East, South East of England and Wales. This company employs more than 16k people.

2. First Group 

First Group

First Group also called the First Group PLC was a British multinational transport company. This company was based in Scotland. This company was started in the year 1995. This company operates in many countries all over the world like United States, Canada, Ireland, UK, etc.

This company was started as in the older day’s private bus companies started purchasing the municipal bus operators in 1986 and later turned out to be one of the UK’s major bus operators. This company has many subsidiaries like First Student, Great Western Railway, First Transit, and many more.

3. Go-Ahead Group

Go Ahead Group

Go-Ahead Group is a passenger transport company and this company is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne in England. This is a multinational company that operates in many countries like Singapore, United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Norway, etc.

This company was founded in the year 1987. This company works in many other sectors like UK rail, UK bus, etc. This is a public transport company which has over 28,000 plus employees. This is one of the major bus companies to note in the UK. The subsidiaries of this company include Go-Ahead London, Go North East, London General, and many more.

4. National Express UK

National Express UK

National Express is the biggest multinational transport company in the UK. This company offers bus services in different sectors like Airports, Destinations, Events, Holidays, Coach Hire, and many more.

So if you have any kind of requirement, National Express UK will help you to satisfy the needs. This company also offers special holiday packages for many users in the UK and all also in other countries which they are serving. If you are planning to go on day trips to the UK, The National Express UK will be one of the best companies to pick for in the UK.

5. Stagecoach Group

Stage Coach Group

Stagecoach Group is a transport company which is based in Perth in Scotland. This company operates express coaches, buses, also tram services in the UK. This is a multinational company operating in different countries like Asia, Africa, Europe, Oceania, and North America.

This company was started in the year 1980. Stagecoach is operating in the UK for more than 40 years now and offers the best services throughout the UK and other countries.

6. Oxford Bus Company

Oxford Bus

Oxford Bus Company is one of the oldest bus companies in the UK which was started in the year 1881. This company has offered the best bus services in the UK for more than 100 years. This company has also provided express coach services to the airports in the UK.

 This company was also partnered with Oxford Brookes University and operates the Brookes Bus Service. This company also operates the most popular park&ride service which actually connects the five car parks to the city center.

7. First Bus UK

First Bus

First Bus is one of the largest bus operators in the UK. This company operates buses from Aberdeen in the far north to Cornwall in the far south. This company is associated with many local companies as well.

This bus operator remains to be the main source for people who are traveling daily for the purposes like business, work, education, etc. This is the best choice for you if you are new to London and planning to travel locally.

8. The London  Bus Company

London bus Company

The main thing to note about the London Bus Company is that they provide the bus services with the vintage buses from the time period 1947 to 1980. All the buses are maintained in proper condition and hence you can feel the vintage travel with this bus company.

The London Bus Company mainly provides the bus services for Corporate Hire, Wedding Hire, Private Hire, Filming and Prom Nights in the UK. They have different sets of vehicles like open-top buses, double-deckers, unique buses, single deckers, etc.

9. The Flix Bus

Flix Bus

The Flix Bus is one of the best bus companies in London which provides different services all over UK. This is a multinational bus company which is operating in many countries by providing services for lakhs of people daily worldwide.

This company also provides the buses for rent if you would like to hire any. The Flix bus is the best option if you are planning for any holiday trips or anything in the UK.

10. York Pullman Bus

York Pullman bus

The York Pullman bus meaning travel in York. This is the meaning of the brand name York Pullman Bus. This bus company was started in the year 1920 by the garage owner Norman Pearce.

Initially, they offered the bus service between York and Stamford Bridge. Later this company grown into a brand called York Pullman Bus Company in the year 1926 and offering the best services in the UK till now.

If you are looking to travel to the UK, You can check out some of the above-listed bus companies in the UK and pick the best based on your interest.