Business Apprenticeships – A Complete Guide

Business Apprenticeship A Complete Guide

There are plenty of students who don’t wish to visit the college but get some experience in the sales business marketing and more. If you are also one of those people, then you must know the term apprenticeship.

Now you would think that we have gone crazy because any apprenticeship is associated with work like architecture, plumbing, electricians, and so on. But the good thing is that there is a business apprenticeship, and you can do it.

What Is Business Apprenticeship?

What Is Business Apprenticeship

Business apprenticeship has always been a thing, but recently it has gained a lot more popular since many students try to gain experience and knowledge from other alternatives rather than going to expensive universities. In a business apprenticeship, you basically help a business to grow, make profits and run effectively. Indeed you want to be appointed as a business manager in a business apprenticeship in the starting.

You will be starting from scratch, from the bottom, if we might say, and with hard work, dedication and consistency, you can progress immensely in this field. Below, we have mentioned everything that you need to know about a business apprenticeship.

Fields That You Can Choose in Business Apprenticeship

Fields That You Can Choose in Business Apprenticeship

If you are a business enthusiast, you might be aware of the different business categories, ranging from management, sales, human resource, finance, and more.

  • The first one is Management which is the top tier of any business. People involved in the management sector look after the company functions and make sure that everything goes correctly. They administer the entire staff and make plans to make progress.
  • Another field associated with the business world is Finance that includes accountants, financial analysts, and more. Earlier, most businesses used to hire external help in managing the finance, but nowadays, most companies have in-house finance analysts, and they look for people to join their team.
  • Another field that you can try is the most important, and you must be highly persuasive to that; it is the Sales department. In sales, people majorly promote the services and the products that the company or the business sells and create awareness about their brand.

How to Select a Business Apprenticeship?

How to Select a Business Apprenticeship

Business apprenticeships can go a very long way; therefore, it is essential that whichever field you choose for the apprenticeship must be your strong point. The field selection of the business apprenticeship depends on your set of skills and your interests.


If you love to play with numbers and are good at it, then accounting can be an excellent choice for a business apprenticeship because most companies and firms look for accountants that can help manage their finance. In business apprenticeship, there are different levels, so if you are on an intermediate apprenticeship, you will get a chance to work as an accountant’s assistant in a firm that will help you learn about the code of conduct of the corporate world.

In the accounting field of the business apprenticeship, you can also apply for finance analyst, broking administrator, claims handler, financial administrator, and more. Accountants get a good salary package from big companies so it can be an excellent choice for you.


The business management part of the business is essential because the people involved have a massive responsibility to date the work done, bring everything together, and organize things.

If you have a knack for this and excellent organizational skills, then management is your chance.  You can apply for receptionist, personal assistant, project supporter, administrator, and more in the management sector.

The management sector of business apprenticeship is quite hard, and it requires an extreme level of hard work to get your way to a higher rank. But management is all about learning new paths. You can push yourself up and apply for office manager and administration executive positions, even starting from the beginning level.


Sales are the backbone of any company as you create a connection between the consumer and the producers. Since most companies in the United Kingdom are associated with business-to-business deals, you might wonder why a business apprenticeship in sales is beneficial for you. Even in B2B deals, people in sales come into the picture, and if you have excellent skills to build relationships with the consumer and persuade them to buy your business services, then sales can be a jackpot for you.

In the beginning, you might not get a chance to be a sales consultant directly because there are plenty of people struggling in this area. Still, in the beginning, you might work as a telesales person operating the phones, but with excellent skills and hard work, you can get a job as a sales consultant.

Who Can Join a Business Apprenticeship?

Who Can Join a Business Apprenticeship

Even though business apprenticeship for any apprenticeship is an alternative to university-level studies, anybody can apply for them if they meet the selection criteria. There are different levels of apprenticeship that can go up to level 7 or 8.  Level 2 and level 3, also known as intermediate and advanced level, respectively, focus on students who want to skip University.

To be part of the intermediate level of business apprenticeship, you must be 16 or above. You must not be involved in full-time education and must be eligible to work as per the guidelines of the UK Laws. If you are applying for an advanced level of business apprenticeship, then the companies might ask for work experience, and if not, you must have good grades in your GCSEs.

The higher levels of business apprenticeship are only open for those who have already done their intermediate and advanced level apprenticeship.

Salary in Business Apprenticeship

Salary in Business Apprenticeship

You must know that even if you do not have a full-fledged job, you are still entitled to have the minimum wage as per the rules and regulations of the UK. The minimum wage is categorized as per age. If you are under 19, then you are entitled to £4.30 per hour.

Sum Up

Business apprenticeships are a great way to earn money and experience in the field. There are plenty of companies in the UK that offer business apprenticeships. You can send your CV to them and can apply for the particular post.