How the Customer Journey Map Affects Present-day Businesses?

Mapping the customer’s journey influence today’s businesses. From top brands tomid-ranged digital marketing companies, whoever is involved with inspiring and alluring customers to convert finds customer mapping effective. This visual data of the complete journey of a customer helps to improve the business. By navigating your customer journey map, you will get the exact picture […]

Higher Earning Chinese Buy Chinese Brands – JD Big Data Reveals

May 10th every year is Chinese Brands day. 2020’s event coincided with the cyber holiday event. JD Big Data was at the forefront of releasing marketable brands that most companies were shopping for. Based on the data released by JD Big Data, the brands that had transacted on their platform exceeded the one million mark […]

How to Use Heatmaps to Increase Your Conversions

Digital marketing is a complex field, with conversion rate optimization being one of its most problematic elements for any business trying to prepare for the digital age. A conversion rate shows how many website visitors complete the desired goal, and conversion rate optimization aims to increase this number. By optimizing your conversion rate, you can […]