Beat the Malaysia Market with Facebook

benefits of Facebook marketing

Malaysians are no strangers to social media. Nearly everyone has at least one social media account they use to post updates about their lives or to follow news and celebrities they idolize. Facebook itself is a powerful tool for businesses as well, with many launching comprehensive advertising or content campaigns to reach new customers. In fact, Facebook marketing in Malaysia is one of the primary marketing tools a business can use.

It may be a foreign concept for some in an older generation to understand, considering all the negative attention and press Facebook as a company receives. Still, the facts are undeniable: Facebook marketing in Malaysia is necessary for business growth.

If you are wary about investing time and money into marketing on social media, read ahead to learn more about the many benefits Facebook marketing can bring a Malaysian company. If you aren’t sold already, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how effective it can be.

Facebook Marketing business

Reach Billions of Users

Yes, you read that headline correctly, billions. Facebook has a daily active user base totaling 1.85 billion across the globe. That’s roughly one in every five people on earth!

While it’s inconceivable to reach all of those people using Facebook, not to mention not worth the money, it does showcase the grand scale at which Facebook is operating. Malaysia is no exception to this scale.

With proper Facebook marketing, Malaysian companies can expand their reach across the country and even into neighboring countries as well. As long as your product or service is able to be used in a different country or in the far reaches of Malaysia, you’ll be able to create advertisements and target people in those regions.

With so much potential for growing your business outside your normal jurisdiction, you immediately find yourself with more customers than you initially planned for.

Facebook Marketing Malaysia

Leverage the Pandemic

While in its totality, the COVID-19 pandemic has been devastating for people and economies worldwide, one of the best advances to come out of the various shutdowns is the improved e-commerce infrastructure.

Today, as a means of survival, many small mom-and-pop stores are getting online and trying to keep their business afloat by leveraging eCommerce fulfillment. This has been wildly successful around the world, including in Malaysia.

But how are these shops reaching customers? For most, they are using Facebook. By creating a brand page, companies can upload images and information about products and services they have in stock. While loyal customers will likely already follow your page, businesses can use advertising to reach new customers.

From this setup, you can start promoting products and leveraging the new and improved eCommerce fulfillment infrastructure to deliver products to your new customer base.

If it sounds simple, it’s because it is simple. Facebook marketing in Malaysia is easy to set up and quick with how much new business a company can generate. That said, as scale increases, a business would be wise to invest in working with a digital agency that specializes in Facebook marketing in Malaysia in order to get the best return on investment.