Golden Interior – Inspiration to Brighten up Your Home

Golden Interior - Inspiration to Brighten up Your Home

The colour gold is a symbol of grandeur, luxury, and sometimes even excessive ostentation. If you learn how to work with it, however, it can brighten up any room with its radiance. Get inspired by these tips for golden details that will give your home a distinctive glow.

The colour gold is simply unmissable and immediately draws your attention. It can make your interior look fresh and elegant, but if you overdo it, it can easily come off as tacky. The key to success is therefore moderation and knowing how to accessorise.

Golden Interior – Inspiration to Brighten up Your Home

Which colours make for a natural fit with gold?

Which colours make for a natural fit with gold

When it comes to colours, some suit gold much more than others. You can forget about neons or bright oranges, pinks, and reds. On the other hand, gold goes well with antique pink, dark brown, cream or beige. You can’t go wrong with bottle green and dark burgundy or blues either. The contrast makes gold look noble and elegant. To stay on the safer side, dark colours are best combined with gold only in small doses, while you can get a bit more adventurous when it comes to lighter tones.

Golden elements you’ll love

Let the sky be the limit when it comes to the living room but don’t overdo it here either. You could start with a single dominant feature, like a golden lamp, a large mirror or a golden-framed print, Try to use little extra space in home. While gold may be quite distinctive, it fits well with almost any interior design style. Its tone and finish play an essential role. It’s best to aim for darker and muted options in retro, vintage or country interior styles, and the same goes for industrial style business interiors. Bright and glossy gold, on the other hand, can perfectly complement minimalist or glamour-style living rooms.

Bathroom and golden gloss

Golden Interior - Bathroom and golden gloss

The colour gold can nicely cosy up an otherwise dark bathroom, as well as overly sterile-looking light bathrooms. Your best bet is a golden finish on towel rails, framed mirrors or taps. In small bathrooms, though, you need to apply gold sparingly so that it enhances the room but doesn’t overwhelm it. Other accessories you can reach for are a golden soap dispenser or a toothbrush holder.

Living like a king

A few golden accessories can add a touch of luxury to any room even to your dining room. You might decide to change up cushion covers to liven up your sofa: try dressing up just one or two in gold and leave the rest in muted darks and lights or soft pastels. But ways to introduce this vibrant colour to your room don’t stop there. You can’t go wrong with a golden flower pot and other golden accessories here and there.