3 Handy Practices to Help Maintain a Tidy Work Environment

3 Handy Practices to Help Maintain a Tidy Work Environment

In business, employee wellness and the cleanliness of the workplace is a fine line. A tidy work environment improves many areas of business, such as employee productivity, engagement levels, and the health and safety of everyone involved. However, workplace cleanliness doesn’t just boost staff satisfaction levels; if your business is open to the public, it will also increase your customer contentment and heighten your professionalism.

Implementing daily cleaning practices amongst the employees at your workplace can reduce the need for a deep clean, which can be time-consuming and require office closure while the work is carried out and is more cost-effective for the small business. This article lists some handy practices for you to execute in your workplace to promote a healthy work environment and boost morale.

3 Handy Practices to Help Maintain a Tidy Work Environment

Manage and Organise Exposed Wires and Cables

Manage and Organize Exposed Wires and Cables

Inevitably, it’s going to be nearly impossible to hide every exposed wire and cable in your workplace; however, you can at least endeavour to keep them managed and organised. Alongside being distracting and a potential eye-sore for visitors, exposed cables or wires have the potential to become hazardous for unsuspecting employees. Worst case scenario, if tripped over, they can cause injury to staff members of the public and cause further complications for the business.

Strive to practice cable and wire management across the staff body and make sure that everyone orders their individual appliances to minimise risks associated with them. You can do this by purchasing cable organisers, adhesive hooks, or cable ties from online marketplaces such as Amazon or at your local hardware store.

Schedule Time for Cleaning the Workplace

Schedule time for Cleaning the Workplace

During the next staff meeting, sit down with your staff body and organise a day each week in which you can clean the entire workplace. Preferably choose a weekday in which fewer bodies are in the office or even a day on the weekend, supposing your workplace isn’t open then, and elect some volunteers to come in and complete a couple of hours cleaning.

Suppose this becomes a routine practice; you could then draft up a rota and rotate employees on a monthly basis so that all staff are included and share in keeping the workplace tidy. Alternatively, you could outsource a professional cleaning company, such as Spotless Commercial Cleaning who provide office cleaning in Manchester, which can save you a job and deliver a top-rated service.

Ensure All Bins Are Emptied Daily

Ensure All Bins are Emptied Daily

Take time out of the end of each day to make sure that all bins in the workplace are emptied, including recycling bins and individual employee bins. As well as being unsightly, if rubbish is allowed to build up, it can cause odour and become an ideal place for bacteria to build up, which can lead to infection and illness. Neglecting this small chore can create a multitude of easily-prevented problems and doesn’t help to promote a healthy work environment for employees or property management. Aim to make it fair by drawing up a bin rota and electing an employee each day to double-check that the task is complete.