How a childminder can help you with your life?

How a childminder can help your with your life

There’s nothing more important than being able to see your children grow up and progress, not only in their thoughts but also physically. And that, you take care of the development of all motors and independence skills. This is why having a childminder in your life will help you to keep the balance between family life and work. Without it, you would be lost.

We all have our lives. Whether we’re children or parents, we all have things we do. The good thing about a childminder is they deal with kids every day. Kids are full of life and energy, which means it’s easy for them to provide us with great advice and tips when it comes to handling our situations. They know what they’re doing.

You wish someone responsible could take proper care of them with dedication and diligence. Right? Having a childminder is the best option for all parents who don’t want to pay hefty amounts to nannies and childcare centers. This way, your children will stay in a more homely environment.

Choosing a certified childminder will take away all the stress from your life. You will have peace of mind that a childminder will perfectly take care of your kid/kids in a safe environment.

Difference between childminders and nannies

Difference between childminders and nannies

Before we go into the benefits of hiring a childminder, you need to understand the difference between a nanny and a childminder. Childminders take care of your child in their homes, and mostly you have to drop your kids at their place.

It is a flexible option for parents who want someone to take care of their little ones for a specific time frame and varying hours. On the other hand, nannies mostly stay at your home and take care of your children in your absence or even in your presence. Their duty timings can be longer than childminders.

While under the custody of a certified childminder, your kids enjoy themselves to the fullest. They indulge in learning experiences like cooking, gardening, drawing, playing a sport, and going to the nearest park or kids’ center. Childminders are more spontaneous.

On the other hand, nannies or daycare professionals are circumspect and work according to a set plan. Childminders can take advantage of a sunny or snowy day and turn it into an awesome day for children. Moreover, as they are certified, they are considered ideal for taking care of differently-abled kids. Childminders look after the children of multiple families at a time. At the same time, nannies are fully employed by you to take care of your children only.

Registered Childminders

Most of the childminders in the UK are self-employed. Those who specialize in looking after children under 8 should be registered and inspected by Ofsted in England. All professionals who want to take childcare as a profession must take introductory training and complete the required qualification. These people must have a first-aid certification, public liability insurance, and a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) disclosure before they can start practicing their job.


Nannies are a bit different. Their timings, job description, salaries, way of operating are all different when compared to childminders. Nannies mostly live in, or some visit your place every day. Most of them are full-time employers and take complete care of your kids throughout the day, whether in your presence or absence. However, they can work for multiple families too.

Nannies are under no obligation to be inspected, certified, and registered. Many nannies are trained, which is a plus point, but the law doesn’t mandate it. To assure their professional status and give parents peace of mind, nannies can now be approved by the UK government’s Childcare Approval Scheme.

Benefits of Childminder

Benefits of Childminder

Now that you know the differences between Childminders and nannies let’s tell you some of the benefits of hiring childminders.

  • You don’t have to pay a hefty amount every month. Childminders are inexpensive as compared to other childcare options.
  • Childminders give you the much-needed flexibility based on your irregular work patterns.
  • Having a childminder is your best option because you can drop your child at their place a bit early than normal, pick them up late and ask them to take care of your angels on the weekends too.
  • They are considered ideal if you have revolving shifts, late sitting or early going to your work is a norm.
  • Childminders have to go through regular inspections. So, you as a parent have peace of mind that your kid is taken well care of and that too in a safe learning environment.

Benefits to your child

Benefits of your child

Some of the many benefits that your child will have are:

  • They get more attention as compared to a daycare center.
  • Children get the same setting as compared to their home. The rules and timings of different things like meals, play, bathing, etc., are similar to home.
  • As compared to a daycare center, they settle in the home of Childminder quickly and easily.
  • They feel more confident visiting someone else’s home and communicating with them while their parents are away. It helps them develop a strong personality.
  • As Childminders are registered with the authorities, you can trust them with your newborn kids to school age.
  • Being friendly and fully trained on how to tackle children of different ages, they can train all children about other useful things and hobbies
  • They are children friendly. This means your kids will have a lovely bond with them
  • You can send children of multiple ages to them
  • As they take care of children from families too, your child won’t feel lonely and will have some productive time at the Childminder’s home. They will also learn some social skills.
  • Your children will learn to interact with kids in different developmental stages. They will learn teamwork and how to care for children younger than them. Moreover, they can learn some productive things from older ones and make the younger ones learn a lot from them.

Now then, with so many benefits of a childminder for your children and you, why would you hire a full-time nanny or leave your children at overcrowded daycare centers? For most experienced, certified, and registered childminders, book a childminder service on the Expert App. This app has some of the most affectionate child care specialists who strive to build your child’s confidence and enhance their social skills.