How To Plan A Farewell Party For Remote Workers?

How To Plan A Farewell Party For Remote Workers

Every company goes through employee turnover for numerous reasons. No matter how long or short a staff member has been in your team, making them feel valued and appreciated even as they part ways with you is essential. And one of the best ways to do this is to throw a farewell party. If your workers are working from home, there are still ways to give them an experience as solid as a celebration on-site.

Farewell parties matter not only for the person leaving but also for their fellow workers and managers who want to express their gratitude for their service and camaraderie. If you have trouble putting one together for remote workers, here are some ideas for going away party for coworker to help.

How To Plan A Farewell Party For Remote Workers?

1. Make The Farewell Party A Surprise

Bidding a proper goodbye to a co-worker can be done with a farewell party. It’s even better when it’s a surprise, though. You can have it go this way.

Start by sending out virtual meeting invites like usual and including a work-related agenda. Have everyone involved agree to give no hints about how the meeting will actually be their virtual farewell celebration.

Make The Farewell Party A Surprise

By assuming that this meeting is like any other, your employee won’t ever anticipate that they will be the centre of the event.

You can send a separate email to other staff and secretly meet regarding the surprise virtual party. Plan the details with other attendees and be open to suggestions on making it more fun and surprising. Once the virtual meeting begins, have everyone close their video at first and open them all together to shout, ‘Surprise!’

2. Keep It Short But Memorable

A farewell party doesn’t really have to take a while. As long as you plan it well and include the important aspects of the party, how short it actually is won’t matter. The main goal is to make it memorable for everyone involved.

You can take 30 minutes to one hour for the entire party. Make sure to invite everyone on the team so no one would miss the chance to say goodbye to their companion.

Some team members have grown fond of each other. So, they need to have the opportunity to exchange small talk and give the employee their best wishes for their next endeavour. Whether you intend to create a farewell program or gather together only for a short talk, just remember to keep it short, sweet, and a great time for all the participants.

3. Play Fun Games

Speaking of making it memorable, it won’t hurt to have some fun games for the farewell party. They’re an instant solution to perk things up. Many games and activities don’t require a lot of props or everyone gathering in a single physical location. You can also go for online games everyone can participate in. There are a ton of these you can find on the Internet.

how to plan a farewell party for remote workers - Play Fun Games

Whether it’s their favourite game or something they’re very good or bad at playing, the activity should somewhat focus on the celebrant. This will let them feel like the centre of attention and make the whole affair more special to them. Of course, make sure everyone gets to have a shot at the games you play.

4. Go Down Memory Lane

Creating an online visual presentation for your team member is a fantastic way to cap off the whole event. Create a video montage or photo collage of your team and play it as a presentation. Feature your departing employee in every picture or video slide, and you can even request some messages from their close workmates or important people in their lives. Better yet, you can have them take the reins for a truly personalized experience for the person leaving.

For convenience, you can always delegate this thing to the content creators in your company so you can have the best thing to put on for your employee’s virtual farewell.

5. Customize The Party As Much As Possible

Naturally, you should take into account what the employee prefers above all else. When preparing all the details of the virtual party, keep it focused on what the person would like. Everything from the activities to the presentations should fall in line with what they would want in a celebration.

Customize The Party As Much As Possible

For the best results, consult their circle of friends in the office. This is a quick and easy way to create the ideal farewell party for them.

6. Make The Farewell Count

Farewell parties don’t have to be heavy affairs. With the tips mentioned above, remote working workers can have the virtual send-offs they deserve. Hopefully, you’ve gained great insights from this article if you’re planning a farewell party for an employee who’s leaving soon.