How to use Colors Schemes and Fonts for Effective Web Design?

how to use color schemes and fonts for effective web design

Colors and fonts are basic things to create a stylish website, and it gives the first impression to the customers. Colors and fonts are aside from website activities such as content, navigation, and loading speed. If you will learn color scheme and font theory, then you can develop an effective website. In this article, we can learn color schemes and font theory.

How to use Colors Schemes and Fonts for Web Designing?

Importance of Colors

Importance of ColorsGenerally, well-color schemes generate a positive impact on the website visitors, brand, or target audience. Multiple colors symbolize and evoke different types of emotions. Due to this, you can decide exactly which color is good for your brand.

So, color theory is an important subject in website design. Nowadays, there are many websites that help to learn color psychology. Here we provide basic color and those psychological feelings.

White: clean, sleek, user-friendly.

Purple: quality, luxury, and royalty

Red: excitement or energy

Yellow: happiness and optimism

Blue: reassurance and dependability

Orange: friendliness, fun, and confidence

Green: nature, healing, wealth, and freshness

Black: elegance and luxury.

 How to Choose a Color Scheme?

The website color schemes are categorized into 4 types,

  1. Primary Color
  2. Secondary Color
  3. Background Color
  4. Typeface Color

1. Primary Color

Primary ColorThe primary color is the main color of your website. First, you should analyze the above color psychology and set a primary color. The primary colors are used on the navigational panel and major elements. If you already have a business logo, then you can set a primary color that will be used in your brand. Don’t choose red, yellow, and blue as primary colors.

2. Secondary Color

Secondary ColorThe next color scheme is the secondary color. You can include additional colors based on the primary color. It comes from primary and additional mixing of colors. Mostly, secondary colours are mixed colours. If you are confused about choosing a secondary color, use online color scheme platforms such as, colors.adobe, and paletton.

3. Background Color

Background ColorThe background color is an important color for your website, it covers blank spaces. In recent days, most web developers use white or grey overlay for the background. Because it makes reading the text too easy. And another reason is the whole website looks minimalistic while using that background color. If you can choose white and grey for the background, then images, texts, videos, and advertisement banners appear clearly.

4. Typeface Color

Typeface ColorTypeface color is based on your text. Most of the texts are black on many websites. This color is based on your background color. For example, with black text appearing on your website while using a white background, users can feel eyestrain. In such a case, you can use grey or tinged grey for your typeface.

How to Choose Fonts for your website?

Choosing the best font is an essential thing in web development. The right fonts will generate the best user experience. Here we provide some tips to choose the right font for the website,

1. Match It to your Brand

Match It to your BrandYour font represents the brand and visibility to the customers. Because your target audiences are attracted by pop-up banners and flash text on the business website while you are offering something.

2. Choose Readable Fonts

Choose readable fontsIt is a necessary process in web development. It doesn’t matter whether your content is good or bad, but fonts present your brand. Don’t choose handwritten and comic fonts for the website. If your website is focused on children’s activities, then you can use comic fonts.

3. Know your Fonts

Know your FontsGenerally, three types of fonts are used in the web and printing field. Those are Serif, San serif, and Script fonts. These fonts give nice impressions and different vibes to the users. Serif fonts are elegant fonts that have been used in newspapers, magazines, and catalogs. San serif fonts are modernized fonts that have been used in digital devices (display text). Script fonts are used in titles and body headings.

4. Use Web-Safe Fonts

Use Web-Safe FontsApart from other fonts, it is installed globally across all electric devices. Because it solves loading speed issues. Additionally, it helps with Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

5. Preview the Font

Preview the FontOnce you have done the website, finally you can audit things like font visibility, font color, font weight, font size, upper case and lowercase, and so on. If you have done all these things, your website looks stylish and effective.


In this article, we all are learned about color schemes and typography. You can follow these things and create an effective website.