Top 10 IT Companies in London

Top 10 IT Companies in London

Information Technology is one of the growing sector all over the world. Especially in London and the most developed cities in the world, there are lots of evolving IT companies operating. Also there are also many start-ups choosing this type of cities to start their venture and offer the services for its clients. In this blog, let’s see some of the top ten IT companies in London and their work model more briefly.

Top 10 IT Companies in London

1. Infinity Group

Infinity Group

Infinity Group is a London based IT company which is offering many services like managed services, business transformation, business applications and many more. Also this company offers many services on Dynamic 365 applications.

This company is one of the Microsoft 200 Gold Partners in the UK. This Infinity Group is one of the largest managed service providers in London. This company offers its services in many locations in the UK like London, Kent, Sussex, Gatwick, Crawley, Brighton, Surrey, Chertsey, Birmingham, Essex.

2. Mustard IT 

Mustard IT

Mustard IT is one of the well-established IT support company in the UK. This company offers different IT services like network infrastructure, cloud solutions, etc. This company works closely with many SME businesses located in Greater London.

This company also offers IT consultancy and IT support services as well.  The infrastructure services of the Mustard IT include router setup, server and storage devices, cabling, backup and disaster management, etc.

3. Syntax 


Syntax Integration is one of the go-to IT Companies in London. This company offers many services like IT Support & Outsourcing, Office 365 Support, IT Security & Compliance, Microsoft Azure Services, IT Consulting, Industry Sectors, etc.

At Syntax Integration, they do things in the most controlled and structured way to reduce the risks in the development process and deliver the best for the customers.

4. Net Star

Net Star

Net Star is a IT Company which was started mainly in the motive to success through the technology and the innovation in UK. Net Star offer services like IT Support in London, Cyber Security, IT Consultancy, etc.

They have worked with big corporate clients in UK and all over the world. As online security is the main concern in these days, Net Star provides the best solutions in the field of Cyber Security.



EC-MSP was an IT Company which was founded in the year 2002. This company was founded by the MD Roy Castleman. This company now works with many small and medium sized businesses in UK to deliver with the best IT solutions.

This company offers different kinds of services like managed IT Services, IT Consultancy, Remote Work Training, Cloud Computing, Backup & Disaster Recover, IT Relocation, Network Services and GDPR Consultation for many companies in the City of London.

6. IT in Business

IT in Business

IT in Business was started in the year 2006. This is a independent managed IT services provider in London with more than 15 years of experience in this field. This company aims to provide the highly reliable and the effective business IT networks using the cloud technology.

Offers services like Remote Working, Virtual CTO, Remote IT Support, Cyber Security Audits, Managed Network Services and many more in London and all over the UK.

7. Computers in the City

Computers in the city

This company is offering IT Services in the City of London and in the West End for more than 20 years now. This company also offers unlimited remote support for its clients.

Computers in City offers different kinds of IT services like Managed IT Services, Remote Work Consultancy, IT Security, IT Consultancy, IT Relocation, Cloud Computing, Network Services, Telephony Services and many more in UK.

8. Fitzrovia


Fitzrovia is a London-based IT company that has its full in-house IT Support team. The main thing to note about this company is that they provide unlimited IT support until your issue is resolved.

This denotes that the main motive of the team is to get the work done for you and deliver the results. They have the clients all over the world and they provide the best IT solution for the clients in London and Globally.  They offers services mainly in the field of Cyber Security, Cloud Computing and in Infrastructure.

9. HTL London 

HTL London

HTL London was started in the year 2009. This was founded by Justin Dean. The main objective of this company is to provide the IT Support and the IT Consultancy services to the clients in the financial sectors mainly.

Since its start, this company has now grown to a higher extent and offers another kind of services like internet connections, email security, domain names, SSL certificates, Cyber Security Solutions, Website Hosting, Wifi Hotspots, and many more services. The strategic partners of HTL London include HP, IBM, Cisco, Symantec, etc.

10. General Softwares 

General Softwares

General Softwares is a software development and services company in London which works with lots of clients globally. This company was initially started in the year 2004 to deliver the proper IT Solutions to its clients.

This company offers lots of solutions like consulting services, business solutions, outsourced solutions, E-Wallet services, SEO, Forex cards, business payment services and many more.  This company works mainly in the sectors like banking & financial services, healthcare, information technology, legal management system, and many more.

If you are a business owner, planning to get some consultancy services for your business or if you need any products to be developed for your company, than you can have a look at the above listed some of the best IT Companies in London and choose the best company for you based on the requirement. You can pick these companies if you need a website to be developed, android app to be developed, consultancy or support services for your customers and many more. These are some of the best go to places for the IT services in London.