Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in London

Top 10 Japanese Restaurants in London

London is a place where lots of Japanese and people from all over the world travel every day for business purposes and also many students from all over the world travel to the UK for their higher education. London is a place where you can taste all kinds of international foods belonging to different origins. If you are a Japanese living in London and looking for the best Japanese restaurants in London, then check out this blog where we have listed the top ten best Japanese restaurants in London.

Japanese Restaurants in London

1. Zuma

Zuma Restaurant

Zuma is a restaurant which is located in Knightsbridge in London. This restaurant offers a lot of varieties of traditional Japanese food with informal dining. This Zuma restaurant also offers unique spaces for hosting any kind of event.

The main thing to highlight about this restaurant is that it has unique dining rooms which is a perfect location to conduct corporate lunches, receptions, or dinner parties. Zuma is open all seven days a week at specific timings on each day.

2. Chisou

Chisou Restaurant

Chisou is one of the famous Japanese restaurants which is located in central London, mainly known by all the Londoners. This restaurant provides tranquil and the most exciting spaces to enjoy some of the most authentic foods in London.

They have unique menu which is updated frequently and they also provide seasonal changing dishes delivered for the customers with more passion. If you are looking for the best Japanese food, this location will be the best either if you are looking for sushi or any other Japanese range.

3. Roka

Roka Restaurant

Roka Charlotte Street is the one which serves all the varieties of Japanese food with a specially updated menu. This restaurant is located in the heart of London’s media district. This has a warm glass wall that opens into the street outside creating a semi ambience look throughout.

This is dominated by many famous food ranges like robata grill, poultry food, fish dishes, meat, and even a variety of vegetable foods. The special thing is that the outside tables are open for booking during the summer season.

4. Ginza St. James

Roka Restaurant

Ginza St. James is a uniquely named Japanese restaurant which is located in the heart of the They have experienced and talented chef who took over the vibrant job of cooking the best wide ranges of Japanese food in London.

London is the main city and which attracts lots of new visitors to London. This restaurant has the best elegant and stylish setup where you can enjoy the best Japanese food in the best pleasant environment in London.

5. Dinings

Dining Restaurant

Dinings is a small restaurant initially which was started in the year 2006 by the Chef, Tomonari Chiba, and the Keiji Fuku. Both of them are different in many ways and they have joined to give a raise to their new famous restaurant in London.

Both left Nobu to set up the Dinings. They chose a residential place in London like Marylebone to provide the small-scale restaurant initially with a very relaxed atmosphere. They have lots of inspiring flavoured combinations to attract Japanese visitors to London.

6. Sushi Samba 

Sushi Samba

Sushi Samba is one of the famous restaurant which located in the 38th and the 39th floors of the famous Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate in London. It has two glass elevators from the ground to 39th floor which you help you get a different experience in overall.

The most important thing to note about this restaurant is that it offers the highest outdoor dining terraces in Europe offering stunning 360-degree views of the city. This is one of the must-visit places in London if you are looking to have the food in the stunning background view.

7. Zaibatsu 

Zaibatsu Restaurant

Zaibatsu is located in London. This is one of the best go-to places in London if you are looking to taste the unique Japanese food with the best creative combinations and dishes in a pleasant environment.

This restaurant offers wide range of Japanese food like Sushi, Sashimi, Salads, Tempura, Noodles, etc. They are open for dining booking and also for the order takeaways in London.

8. Miyama

Zaibatsu Restaurant

This is the perfect venue for Lunch and Dinner in London. This has very warm dining with the simple décor and the main thing to note about this restaurant is that food is served with very quality Japanese cuisine.

Also, here you can watch the food cooked in front of you to eat. Here you can watch the skills of the chef in real-time and taste the food.

9. Hannah’s Restaurant 

Hanahs Restaurant

Hannah’s restaurant is a Japanese one in London which uses fresh local items along with the important Japanese ingredients to cook the food. Having Japanese food in this restaurant will give you a totally different experience.

And most of the fish they use are from the local places like Cornwall, so you can feel the freshness in the food while you eat. Tuna is directly served from Spain which gives you an extra soft taste.

10. Abeno

Abeno is Europe’s original specialist Okonomi-yaki Restaurant. This was started in the year 1993 in Colindale in North London. This was started by the two emigres, one is from Bridlington and the other from the Abeno-Ku which is in Osaka.

Osaka is well known for its culinary Japanese dishes. From the start to the till date, this is a family-run Japanese restaurant in London.

If you are traveling to London or living in London and looking to taste some Japanese food near your location, then you can check out the list of above top ten Japanese restaurants in London. You can choose the best restaurant based on your interest and the location where you live.

No wait, just get out and visit your best restaurant in London.