Top 10 London Outdoor Restaurants

Top 10 Outdoor Restaurants in London

Outdoor Restaurants are always the best and the go-to place for most of the people in London. The main advantage of the restaurants with the outdoor seating in London is that the guests can enjoy their food with the beautiful views of the city. It’s like sitting in an open space and having food with family and friends. In London, there are lots of restaurants operating throughout the city and only some are offering outdoor seating capability, In this blog let’s see the top ten outdoor restaurants in London which offer outdoor seating for customers.

London Restaurants with Outdoor Seating

1. Dalloway Terrace

Dalloway Terrace

As the name suggests, this is an open outdoor restaurant in London. Dalloway Terrace has a beautiful open terrace where anyone will enjoy the visit and have the best experience with the food as well. Dalloway Terrace is open for accepting reservations four weeks in advance.

This restaurant accepts a group of six guests per table. They are also open for special reservations and arrangements, but everything should be made well in advance to make things better.

2. The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden

The Ivy Chelsea Garden is a restaurant that offers a wide range of open seatings for the customers. This restaurant was created by Chef, Sean Burbidge. This restaurant aims to deliver the guests with the modern British food style with a wide range of International dishes.

They have different menus from morning to night which include breakfast, lunch, tea, brunch on the weekend, and dinner. So there will be something for you to enjoy when you go every time.

3. Rochelle Canteen 

Roschelle Canteen

Rochelle Canteen has lots of outdoor spacing with seating. The main thing about this restaurant is that they have a seasonal menu and when you visit any time, you will find something new on the menu card.

They have both classic style of cooking and also the modern European style, So you can taste all at one place in the outdoor seating. They have also special dishes with the Lamb, BBQs which are delivered with the best grilling and different flavors.

4. Angler  Restaurant

Angler Restaurant

Angler is a restaurant which was led by the Chef, Gary Foulkes. They have new updating menus like other restaurants and which makes something special every time anyone visits this restaurant.

Chef Gary works closely with every dish to make sure that the guest can recognize the complete taste of each food along with all the natural flavors of the ingredients. This outdoor restaurant is well known for seafood and also for vegetarians.

5. Grato London

Grato London

Grato London is an open outdoor restaurant which is located in Kensington Square in London and located very near to Hyde Park. This restaurant is famous for Italian foods and is mainly divided into two levels.

Handmade pasta is a special thing to note in this restaurant. The wines provided here are delivered from Artisan Vineyards. They have wide ranges of food like Ravioli, Tagliolini, Blood Orange Polenta Cake and many more.

6. Trafalgar

The Trafalgar

Trafalgar is one of the most popular rooftop bars and restaurants in London. If you are planning to visit this restaurant, you will find all kinds of dining and drinking options in one place with the iconic skyline of London city.

You can enjoy the complete London skyline and the brief city view from this restaurant. This restaurant has a huge Asian influence as they have the latest updated menu with different combinations of cocktails as well.

7. The Lighter Man

The Lighter man

The Lighter Man is a pub cum dining room along with the bar which is located in the Granary Square in the King’s Cross. . This restaurant has three floors providing stunning views of Granary Square and the Regents Canal.

The name for this restaurant is inspired by the Industrial post of the King’s Cross city and also from the famous Victorian Lighterman who worked here popularly known as Lighters on the canals and the rivers of the London city this will be the best place to enjoy some food with family in the well relaxing atmosphere.

8. Folie London

Folie London

Folie is a bar that comes with the restaurant as well. This restaurant is open all day long welcoming the customers to taste the super cool dishes like Riviera, Portofino, Marseille, and many more added to the menu

This is located in the Golden Square where Soho meets the Mayfair. This reflects both sides of Regent Street in London. The Folie London’s interior will reflect the glamorous look of the old 1960 with some modern sensibility.

9. Corinthia 


Corinthia is a restaurant that offers a variety of drinks in its bar section. This restaurant offers a wide range of rare vintage brands like Cohiba Siglo VI Gran Reserva and also Henry Clay Diamantinos from the early 1950s, Vintage Cigars like the Davidoff Dom Perignon, etc.

The restaurant was looked after by Adam Lacja and is made up of around 180 different types of Cuban cigars. They offer open outdoor seating in a beautiful garden space.

10. City Social London 

City Social London

City Social London is an outdoor restaurant which is located on the 24th level of Tower 42. It is located in the heart of London and serves the best views across the city from this restaurant. This restaurant was started by Jason Atherton who is serving the greatest modern British Menu.

This restaurant is also housed with a bar offering cocktails of different combinations. Some of the famous landmarks can be viewed by the panoramic view of this restaurant.

If you are a Londoner or a businessman traveling to London and looking for the best restaurant with outdoor seating, then we hope that this blog will be handy for you to have a look at some of the popular restaurants and choose the best one.