5 Clever Marketing Strategies to Attract New Plastic Surgery Patients

5 Clever Marketing Strategies to Attract New Plastic Surgery Patients

Plastic surgeons are finding it increasingly difficult to hold their market territory. It is possible with proper marketing strategies.

With more consumers being more conscious of the risks as well as evaluating the affordability, convenience, and benefits of using a certain practice, the competition is getting fierce. Many patients are doing much of their own research on the internet for the costs, providers, treatment options, etc.

With this being said, the providers who have better online visibility are in turn doing much better than the surgeons who are not doing so well. In this article, we will go through some smart marketing strategies that will help to drive more traffic to the surgery site and attract more new patients.

1.  Target Higher Value Potential Clients (Marketing Strategies)

Target Higher Value Potential Clients - Marketing StrategiesThe best prospective patients are those with a little more expenditure than others. These tend to be more mature and have enough time and money as well as having the motivation to get it done. One of the best places to target them is Facebook and other social platforms. Targeting options on Facebook go way beyond demographics, it can now target income level, relationship status, dating interests, shopping behaviors, interests, and so on. Google Ads also allows all of these which is also an effective way to market.

2.  Stay Connected with Previous Patients

Stay Connected with Previous PatientsWhen you have a good number of happy customers, these are a great source of obtaining new traffic by referrals and other words of mouth marketing as this is more effective than other forms of marketing. For this to make a real impact it is important to keep them updated with the practice as this will give them something to reshare. This can be done with new social posts, newsletters, emails making them aware of the latest offerings.

3.  Dominate Google Search Results (Best Marketing Strategies)

Dominate Google Search Results - Best Marketing StrategiesIf you are any type of business, you should be aiming to dominate your field online and be on the first page for searches, for example, if you were looking for breast implant removals in Manchester, you would be looking at search terms like breast implant removal Manchester or best plastic surgeon near me. If you wanted to get more targeted, you could put ‘best tummy tuck surgeon in Manchester’. These can be done easily with local SEO strategies such as directories, adding location pages to your site, having a clear address throughout your site, and also creating local content, link building, and much more.

4.  Utilise Paid Search Strategies for Instant Rankings

Utilise Paid Search Strategies for Instant RankingsWhen trying to dominate Google search results, it is best to have a mix of both paid search and organic. The reason for this is because SEO doesn’t happen overnight, and it can take a while to get to where you need to be to get some real conversions. However, if you also have a budget for paid search, it will instantly put your site on the top of page one with the rest of the ads. This will guarantee you some traffic and some inquiries whilst you are waiting for your organic rankings to go up.

5.  Establish Authority with Content

Establish Authority with ContentWith having a website, people will not be buying anything on there, but they will be looking for information on the procedure, the costs involved, and hopefully, booking a consultation. For this to happen, you need to make sure that your content relevant for your brand on your site is related and educational so that people don’t only come for your services but you offer a wealth of information too. Whilst having great content for people to read, it can also help with your rankings by adding keywords relevant to your pages. This can be done through blogs, videos, infographics, and case studies.

There you go! Test these 5 strategies and see if more plastic surgery patients call you for a consultation. Beauty services are always in high demand if promoted and delivered right.