Michael Owen Net Worth

Michael Owen Net Worth

Michael Owen is a name synonymous with football. He is a former professional footballer who has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world, such as Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City. He has scored over 150 goals in his career and has won numerous accolades for his performances on the field. This blog will look closer at Michael Owen’s life and career.

We cover everything from his early beginnings to fame and fortune. We will also delve into his personal life and discuss his achievements as a professional footballer. Finally, we will reveal Michael Owen’s net worth, including his brand endorsements and partnerships. So sit back, relax, and read on to discover everything you need to know about this football legend.

Who is Michael Owen?

michael owen

Introducing Michael Owen, a retired English professional footballer who has made his mark in sports and beyond. Known for his prolific goal-scoring abilities and impressive performances on the field, Owen has also ventured into other areas of interest, such as business and writing. With an illustrious career spanning over a decade, he has represented some of the biggest names in football across various leagues and tournaments.

Where is Michael Owen From?

Michael Owen, an English retired professional footballer, was born in Chester, England, on December 14, 1979. He started his career at Liverpool before moving on to play for Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United and Stoke City. Despite being born in England, Owen has earned a reputation as a world-class footballer and has played for some of the biggest clubs in Europe. Today, Michael Owen’s net worth is around $68 million.

Michael Owen Early Life and Career

At a young age, Michael Owen had already shown a great passion and talent for football. He joined Liverpool’s youth team at 11, and by 1996, he had made his professional debut for the club. Despite his young age, Owen quickly established himself as a top player, scoring an impressive 18 goals in 36 appearances during his first full season with the team. Michael Owen won numerous awards and accolades, including the Ballon d’Or in 2001.

Early Life

Early Life

At the heart of Michael Owen’s illustrious career is a remarkable story of determination and hard work. Growing up in Chester, England, Owen started playing football very young. He was scouted by Liverpool FC when he was just 11 years old and joined their youth academy soon after.

Despite his youth, Owen quickly rose to become a first-team player. He became the youngest player to score for the England national team in a World Cup match at 18. This achievement began an exceptional career that would see him achieve international fame and fortune.

Club Career

Michael Owen’s club career spans over a decade and includes stints with Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City. During his time with Liverpool, he became one of the most lethal strikers in the world, scoring 158 goals in 297 appearances.

His impressive performances earned him a move to Real Madrid in 2004, where he played alongside some of football’s biggest names. After spending just one season in Spain, Owen returned to England with Newcastle United before ending his career with brief spells at Manchester United and Stoke City. Despite his numerous moves, Michael Owen’s impact on each team was undeniable.

Personal Life of Michael Owen

Michael Owen is more than just a successful footballer; he’s also a savvy businessman with an estimated net worth of $68 million. Owen has been involved in numerous business ventures and charitable organizations throughout his career, earning him recognition as one of the most successful athletes off the pitch.

Michael is known for his family life outside of business, including his marriage to childhood sweetheart Louise Bonsall and their four children. Despite his wealth and fame, the retired footballer has maintained a grounded lifestyle, focusing on what matters most to him – family and philanthropy.

Family Life

Michael Owen’s family has played an essential role in shaping his life and career. The retired English footballer is married to his childhood sweetheart, Louise Bonsall, and they have four children. Gemma Rose, their eldest daughter, has followed in her father’s footsteps and become a professional equestrian.

Michael’s father, Terry, was a professional footballer who played for Everton and other clubs, while his brother Andrew played football professionally. Despite his busy career as a footballer and commentator, Michael places great importance on spending time with his family.

Marriage and Children

Michael Owen’s family life is as impressive as his professional career. He married his childhood sweetheart, Louise Bonsall, in 2005, and the couple has four children together. Their eldest daughter, Gemma Rose, is a professional equestrian. Michael’s father and brother were also professional footballers who played for top-tier clubs.

Despite being a busy footballer and commentator, Michael has always prioritized spending time with his family. The Owen family values privacy and works hard to keep their personal life out of the public eye.

Michael Owen’s Professional Career and Achievements

Michael Owen's Professional Career and Achievements

Michael Owen’s professional career and achievements in football are nothing short of impressive. He played for some of the biggest Premier League clubs, including Liverpool, Real Madrid, Newcastle United, Manchester United, and Stoke City.

Throughout his career, he scored over 220 goals for club and country, won numerous awards, such as the Ballon d’Or in 2001, and was part of the England national team that won the FIFA World Cup in the year 1998. Today, his net worth is estimated at around £68 million ($90 million) from his football career, endorsements, and various business ventures. Michael Owen’s contributions to football have cemented his status as one of the sport’s greatest players.

Liverpool FC

Joining Liverpool FC in 1996, Michael Owen made a name for himself as the club’s youngest-ever goal scorer at 17. He was part of Liverpool’s success in winning two FA Cups and a UEFA Cup. His incredible talent on the field earned him the Ballon d’Or award in 2001, recognizing him as the best player in Europe. Despite leaving Liverpool in 2004 to join Real Madrid, Owen remains revered by Liverpool fans for his contributions to the club’s history.

Real Madrid

Michael Owen’s transfer to Real Madrid in 2004 was a major turning point in his career. The £8 million transfer fee made him the most expensive English player then. While at Real Madrid, Owen played alongside some of the biggest names in football and scored 16 goals in 45 appearances.

However, injuries limited his playing time, and he returned to England after just one season with the Spanish giants. Despite his short stint at Real Madrid, Michael Owen’s time there left an indelible mark on his career as he continued to garner success with other Premier League clubs.

Newcastle United

Newcastle United

Despite Michael Owen’s several injuries at Newcastle United, he remains a beloved figure among the team’s fans. His skill and dedication on the field earned him a spot in the hearts of many. He scored 30 goals in 79 appearances during his tenure, setting an impressive record for himself. Even after leaving the club, Owen is fondly remembered as one of Newcastle’s most talented players.

Manchester United

Michael Owen’s stint at Manchester United culminated his professional career. During his tenure at the club, he made significant contributions to the team, including winning the Premier League title in 2010-2011 and helping them win the League Cup in the same season.

He scored 17 goals in 52 appearances for United, cementing his place as one of the greatest football players ever. Despite being plagued by injuries throughout his career, Owen remained influential on and off the pitch. He will always be remembered for his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Stoke City

In 2012, Michael Owen signed with Stoke City for a one-year contract, hoping to revitalize his career after a string of injuries. He debuted for the club, coming on as a substitute in a match against Manchester City.

Although his time at Stoke was limited due to recurrent injuries, Owen’s dedication and commitment to the team endeared him to fans. He scored his first goal for Stoke City in a League Cup match against Swindon Town, marking a memorable moment in his football career.

Michael Owen Net Worth and Brand Endorsements

Michael Owen Net Worth and Brand Endorsements

Michael Owen’s professional success has translated into significant financial gain. His net worth is estimated to be around $68 million, which he has amassed through salary earnings, brand endorsements, and business investments. Adidas and Pepsi are among the companies partnered with Owen for brand promotions, further adding to his income potential.

Despite his immense wealth, Owen is known for his philanthropic efforts and has contributed to various charities focused on children’s health and education initiatives. Additionally, Owen’s stature as a former professional footballer has provided him with opportunities to work as a speaker and commentator, further bolstering his earnings potential in retirement.

Net Worth Estimate

Michael Owen is believed to have a net worth of approximately $68 million. This impressive figure can be attributed to his successful football career, brand endorsements, and smart investments. Throughout his career, Owen has endorsed brands such as Nike, Jaguar, and Pepsi, enabling him to accumulate considerable wealth beyond his football earnings.

Additionally, Owen invested in real estate and horse racing, contributing significantly to his net worth. Despite retiring from professional football in 2013, Michael Owen remains a much sought-after commentator and media personality, ensuring he earns substantial money from various sources.

Brand Endorsements and Partnerships

Michael Owen’s net worth is a testament to his footballing talent and shrewd business acumen. He has been associated with several high-profile brands, including Nike, Jaguar, and Coca-Cola. These partnerships have brought him significant financial rewards while enhancing his public profile.

In addition to endorsing major brands, Owen has established his line of sportswear and fitness equipment, showcasing his entrepreneurial spirit and further diversifying his income streams. Michael Owen’s brand endorsements and partnerships have significantly contributed to his impressive net worth.


Michael Owen is a former professional football player who has made a name for himself in the world of sports. His success on and off the field has helped him amass a significant net worth, making him one of the wealthiest athletes in the world. Owen’s outstanding career and impressive achievements have brought him fame and fortune from Liverpool to Real Madrid, Manchester United to Stoke City. He has also been associated with several brand endorsements over the years.

FAQ – Michael Owen Net Worth

FAQ - Michael Owen Net Worth

Is Michael Owen still rich?

Yes, Michael Owen is still wealthy. As of 2021, his net worth is estimated to be around $68 million, which he has earned through his successful football career and various small business ventures. He currently works as a football pundit and commentator for BT Sport.

How much is Michael Owen’s house worth?

Michael Owen’s house is worth approximately £4 million and is located in the countryside of North Wales. The property boasts six bedrooms, a swimming pool, a tennis court, and stables.

In addition to this luxurious home, Owen has invested in other properties, including a hotel in Dubai.

Did Michael Owen buy a street for his family?

Yes, according to reports, Michael Owen bought a street in his hometown of Ewloe, North Wales, that includes several houses for his family members. However, the purchase has sparked criticism and controversy among some who see it as an unnecessary display of wealth. Michael Owen has not commented publicly on the purchase.

Does Michael Owen still own horses?

Yes, Michael Owen owns a stable and is still involved in horse racing. Since he retired from professional football, he has been passionate about horse racing and owns or co-owns several horses like Brown Panther and Lord of the Manor.

Owen’s passion for horse racing has also led him to become a successful racehorse breeder and owner.

How many cars does Michael Owen have?

It is not publicly known how many cars Michael Owen has. However, he is known to be a car enthusiast and has been seen with various luxury vehicles. Some of these cars include a Lamborghini Gallardo and a Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

With an estimated net worth of $68 million, it’s safe to say that Michael Owen can afford to indulge his passion for high-end automobiles.


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