Top 10 Olive Oil Companies in UK

Top 10 Olive Oil Companies in UK

Olive oil is the best organic form of oil which is used in many applications like while cooking, applying for the body, and many more. There are lots of Olive Oil Companies in the UK and it’s a big thing to choose the right company which produces the best organic quality olive oil without adding any chemicals or other artificial agents. In this blog, we have listed some of the Olive Oil companies which are found to be the best in the UK.Top 10 Olive Oil Companies in UK.

Top 10 Olive Oil Companies in UK

1. The Olive Oil Co

The olive oil co

Address: Unit 55, Kidbrooke Lane, London, SE9 6TA

Contact: 020 7740 1717

Email: [email protected]

Apulia Blend Ltd which was later called The Olive Oil Co was started in the year 2001 in South Italy and later they have moved to London. South Italy was usually filled with lots of Olive trees. Even before starting the retail store for Olive Oils in London in 2001, This company was delivering Olive Oil to many restaurants in UK. This company offers a different set of products like extra virgin olive oil, olives and preserves, flavored oil, olive wood, and many more.

2. Oil Merchant

The oil merchant

Address: 5 Goldhawk Mews, London W12 8PA, United Kingdom

Contact: 020 8740 1335

Email: [email protected]

Oil Merchant was a company that was initially started with just a Van by Charles. Later it was Charles and Sika. This company provides two types of Olive oil namely Virgin Olive Oils and Simply Olive Oil. Virgin Olive Oils are pressed directly from the Olives and sold. Simply Olive Oil is a blend of refined olive oil. Simply Olive Oil was obtained using heat, pressure along with some chemicals, and virgin olive oil.

3. Olive Olive

Olive Olive

Address: London, UK

Contact: 03330 115566

Email: [email protected]

Olive Olive was started in the year 1990. This company is moreover like a family-run business and hence their main motive is to deliver the high-quality olive oils to all the customers around the UK. This company provides the best Virgin Olive Oils which are 1st pressed, cold-pressed, unfiltered and comes from the handpicked olives directly from the farms. You can also buy olive oils directly from the Olive Olive website and they will be delivered on time right on your doorstep.

4. The Artisan Olive Oil

The Artisan olive oil company

Address: United Kingdom

Contact: 0203 866 8934

Email: [email protected]

The Artisan Olive Oil company operates in all sectors like importing, selling wholesale, and also as a distributor. This company mainly focuses on delivering tasty oil to the fullest of its natural quality. This company was initially started as the Olive Oil Sommeliers. They have visited much olive oil produces in Spain, Italy, and Tunisia. They used the best analysis methods to find out the best Olive oils. This company also offers the options to buy online and the olive oils will be delivered directly to your homes.

5. The Olive Oil Mill

The olive oil mill

Address: Unit 55, Kidbrooke Lane, London, SE9 6TA

Contact: 020 7740 1717

Email: [email protected]

The Olive Oil Mill in London provides high-quality olive oils in different formats and also other products like preserves in olive oil, wines and spirits, Balsamic Vinegar, Condiments and Glazed Olive Wood, Flavoured Olive Oils, and many more. The products offered by this company are normally available at Borough Market SE1.  This is one of the best go-to places to buy olive oil in London.

6. Olivocracy 


Address: 33 Hanger Ln, London W5 3HJ

Contact: 07583 159248

Email: [email protected]

Olivocracy is an Olive Oil company that works with many organic and biodynamic Italian producers. They are closely connected to the agronomic heritage and their work style will be in a way to encourage biodiversity. This company works closely with the farmers and gets the fresh olives which are then cold-pressed to get the virgin olive oils. This company offers different kinds of products like extra virgin olive oil, spices, hemp pasta, Cornish beers, Cornish gins, vodkas, and Liqueurs.

7. The Oil Tree

The Oil Tree

Address: 12 Kelling Cl, Holt NR25 6RU

Contact: 07503 885499

Email: Through Contact Form

The Oil Tree was initially a family-run business by Jerry and his wife Lexi who lived in Greece. When Jerry was traveling back to his home town he bought some olive oils with him to give to his friends and later all started asking about how to get such olive oils with high quality. This gave rise to the company Oil Tree in the UK with the vision to provide the best olives, olive oil, and all kind of olive-related products in the UK.

8. Lefktro 


Address: Unit 3D, Lopen Business Park, Mill Lane, Lopen, Somerset, TA13 5JS

Contact: 01460 242 588

Email: [email protected]

In UK, Lefktro is one of the important importers and the distributors of olive oils, alcohols, several kinds of vinegar all over the UK along with some premium ingredients as well. This company is very well experienced in handling large contracts in UK. The professional team will quickly respond to the client queries and work faster to deliver the items. Also, they have quite flexible ordering and delivery options in the UK.

9. Sun Mark


Address: 428 Long Drive, Greenford, Middlesex, England UB6 8UH

Contact: 020 8575 3700

Email: [email protected]

Sun Mark is a company which was started in the year 1987 by Dr. Rami Ranger. He just started this in a very simple way and now it has grown to be a proper company delivering the products all over the UK in the best way. This company not only deals with Olive products but also with another kind of residential products as well.

10. Oliveology


Address: Arch 4, Voyager Business Park, Spa Road, London, SE16 4RP

Contact: 020 7018 8858

Email: [email protected]

Oliveology is an olive oil company that was started in the year 2009. They follow the culinary treasures and the old gastronomic traditions of Greece. This company works with the independent farmers to get the original olives directly from the field and process them to get the pure virgin olive oils