Solicitors in Enfield – Top 10 Solicitors

Solicitors in Enfield Top 10 Solicitors

Solicitors play an essential role in society, helping and advocating for those who require legal assistance. We will almost certainly require the assistance of a solicitor at some time in our life, but you may be wondering how a lawyer’s knowledge may genuinely help you with your legal concerns. Aside from their apparent legal expertise, a skilled solicitor can provide you with several advantages while assisting you with your case. With this in mind, Naughton’s Solicitors has put up a helpful guide on why you should hire a legal professional for your next case.

What is a solicitor, exactly?

Solicitors are unique from other legal professions such as barristers in that they play an essential role in the legal environment. Solicitors essentially use their extensive knowledge and experience to advise their clients on the best course of action for their particular situation.

They also do a lot of the heavy lifting for the case they’re working on, such as conducting research, drafting legal documents, and even appearing in court on behalf of their clients. It is fairly uncommon to find a group of attorneys providing legal advice to their customers on a variety of issues, ranging from will writing to employment law disputes; if you need assistance with your case, a solicitor is available to assist you.

There are a fair number of solicitors you can choose from, especially in Enfield, however, to save time, here is a short compiled list of the 10 best solicitors you can choose from. Wills are being challenged in terms of their validity, as well as whether or not dependants were left out of the will (and they are likely to contest this).

Solicitors in Enfiled – Top 10 Solicitors

1. Bird & Lovibond Solicitors

Bird & Lovibond Solicitors

Bird and Lovibond can provide a very personal service since we have offices in Uxbridge, Ruislip, and Greenford. Because of the benefits of dealing with a local company, they frequently take over cases that a client has started with other attorneys.

Because they are local, they can provide value to your small business, increasing your chances of success.

2. Shepherd Harris & Co

Shepherd Harris & Co

Their legal staff is dedicated to delivering a compassionate, experienced, and professional service to all customers, minimising delays and taking every precaution to reduce the stress and anxiety that people often feel when dealing with legal issues.

Shepherd Harris & Co is Lexcel-accredited and has Legal Aid Contracts in all the areas like a criminal, family, property management, divorce and other children care responsibilities.

3. OJN Solicitors

OJN Solicitors

The business has swiftly established a strong reputation in the UK and abroad for offering top-notch legal services to its customers.

4. Agustins Solicitors

Agustins Solicitors

Their senior solicitor, Antony Canaii, is always keen to uphold the traditional traditions of a comprehensive legal practice, by delivering advice on every field of civil law that an individual or organisation is likely to be involved in.

Augustins Solicitors is a client-focused, accessible, and cost-effective law company that adheres to the highest ethical and client-care standards. They regard their role as easing your load and providing a helping hand while you navigate unfamiliar (and often tumultuous) seas.

5. Barnes & Partners Solicitors

Barnes & Partners

Barnes and Partners have been in business since 1971, with almost four decades of expertise. We’ve developed from a tiny practice in Enfield Town to one of North London’s most notable attorney companies.

With a network of eleven local offices around the area, including our magnificent Enfield head office. We currently have a huge team of thoroughly certified and well-educated attorneys that can handle practically any legal matter. We provide specialised legal services to both individual and business clients, allowing us to provide competent and superior service.

6. Morgan Has Solicitors

Morgan Has Solicitors

Morgan Has Solicitors has been offering skilled legal advice and representation in a variety of areas of law from its Stoke Newington and Enfield offices since 2012, they assured that each case from their side will be in a winning format.

Morgan Has Solicitors is very aware of the current economic circumstances and the strains it may have on clients and their families. As a result, Morgan Has Solicitors is happy to be able to provide clients practical and realistic solutions to their difficulties, as well as fixed costs and flexible payment alternatives when available.

7. Vanderpump & Sykes Solicitors

Vanderpump & Sykes

Vanderpump and Skyes specialise in legal assistance for both personal and corporate clients as a multi-partner LLP. On their main page, you can see a complete list of our areas of specialisation.

For Matrimonial, Employment, and Litigation matters, they may also provide a free first consultation.

8. Moreland & Co Solicitors

Moreland & Co

Moreland & Co, pride ourselves on providing excellent client service and putting clients’ needs first at all times. they provide a flexible, welcoming atmosphere for them, as well as the finest quality service at local rates.

They understand that approaching an attorney for the first time may be intimidating, therefore their solicitors are warm and approachable while yet being self-assured and confident in the advice they provide. It is critical that clients establish and maintain a connection with their legal counsel throughout all of their transactions. To do this, they make every effort to guarantee that you are not handed from one fee earner to the next.

9. Karis Spyris LLP

Karis Spyris

Solicitors from England and Wales supply their services, and are licenced by the Solicitors Regulation Authority. The SRA’s rules are available on its website. Our office has a list of members accessible for review.

Karis Spyris LLP is a limited liability partnership with the registration number OC321569 in England. 893518877 is the vat VAT number. Karis Spyris LLP is covered by professional indemnity insurance.

10. Duffield Harrison Solicitors

Duffield Harrison

The exceptional service given by the individual companies has been continued by Duffield Harrison LLP. Each company has built a solid reputation in the community by offering dependable service and producing positive outcomes for both corporate and individual customers.