How a Good Business Plan can get your New Business off the Ground

A business plan is the first thing you will create to share your vision and secure the essential funding you’ll need for your start-up – it’s your blueprint to show any potential investors that your business means business. It’s a massive opportunity to make your brilliant idea viable and get the right support on board […]

How the Customer Journey Map Affects Present-day Businesses?

Mapping the customer’s journey influence today’s businesses. From top brands tomid-ranged digital marketing companies, whoever is involved with inspiring and alluring customers to convert finds customer mapping effective. This visual data of the complete journey of a customer helps to improve the business. By navigating your customer journey map, you will get the exact picture […]

12 Interesting Applications of Data Science in the E-commerce industry

Companies all over the world are implementing data science applications in their businesses. Data Science helps them to analyze the data and make better decisions. For example, Amazon uses various data science methodologies to improve their shopping experience. Data science has revolutionized eCommerce businesses in many ways. With the help of data science, businesses can […]