TELS GLOBAL: Leader in Global Transport Logistics


TELS GLOBAL is an international company providing transport organization services by all means of transport. During the first 15 years of its successful development, the company opened branches in Great Britain, Poland, the Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia and Ukraine. A team of over 400 highly qualified logistics specialists organizes the transport of goods from anywhere in the world, using various means of transport, always maintaining the highest quality standards, reliably and on time.

The joint fleet of TELS GLOBAL transport partners includes over 120,000 vehicles.

TELS GLOBAL is a full member of the most recognized International Federation of Forwarding Associations – FIATA. The quality of the services provided has been confirmed by ISO 9001, 14001 and SQAS certificates.

TELS GLOBAL’s liability towards Customers is insured by TTClub (Great Britain) with a liability limit of EUR 2,500,000 per insured event.

The company’s certificates confirm its commitment to maintaining the highest standards of quality and safety. Thanks to international ISO certificates, TELS GLOBAL transport of cargo transportation in Europe guarantees that all processes are consistent with global quality standards, which translates into customer satisfaction.

TELS GLOBAL has an extensive fleet of vehicles, including various types of transport, from delivery vans to trucks and specialized vehicles adapted to transport goods with various requirements. All vehicles are regularly serviced and inspected to ensure the safety of goods during transport.


As part of its international operations, the company has established cooperation with many renowned transport companies around the world, which allows for effective supply chain management. TELS GLOBAL offers comprehensive logistics solutions, tailored to the individual needs of customers, both in the field of domestic and international transport.

TELS GLOBAL is a company that focuses on innovation and modern technologies in the transport industry. Thanks to advanced tracking systems, customers can constantly monitor the status of their shipments, which increases transparency and control over the transport process.

As a member of FIAT, TELS GLOBAL actively participates in international initiatives aimed at the development and standardization of the transport industry. The company regularly participates in conferences and training to stay up to date with the latest trends and regulations in the field of logistics.

TELS GLOBAL cares not only about the effectiveness and timeliness of deliveries, but also about the natural environment. The company takes actions to reduce CO2 emissions and minimize the impact of transport on the ecosystem. By using modern, ecological solutions, TELS GLOBAL contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection.

To ensure the safety of goods and compliance with international standards, TELS GLOBAL regularly trains its employees and partners. Thanks to this, the company ensures that everyone involved in the transport process is aware of and complies with applicable regulations and standards.

To sum up, TELS GLOBAL is a leader in global transport logistics, offering comprehensive services in the organization of goods transport by all means of transport. Its international presence, highly qualified staff and advanced technologies make the company a worthy partner for enterprises looking for effective and reliable logistics solutions.