Are you Tired of dropped calls? Let’s improve your signal!

Are you tired of Dropped Calls Let's improve your signal

Maybe a decade or even two decades ago, it was completely okay to have issues with the GSM signal and to dance with a mobile phone for hours in order to catch at least the lowest signal that would allow making a call. However, all these habits should be already left in the past. Today the majority of operators ensure almost 100% coverage within a country and practically all the issues with the connection are related to some other external factors like landscape or building peculiarities. It means that to have a powerful signal at home or in the office, you do not need to build a new cell tower, you need to find a more sophisticated approach to solving the issues. But, stop! There is no need to look for this solution as it is already found! And it is much easier than you can only imagine.

We are talking about a mobile phone signal booster. You should just install it and enjoy your perfect connection. Don’t you think that it sounds really amazing? So, if you want to learn more about devices of this kind, this article will help you. Just keep reading!

What is a mobile signal booster?

What is a Mobile Signal Booster

Before you start believing that a signal booster is the best solution for your GSM signal problems, it is obvious that you need to understand what it is and how it works.

It is a special device intended for improving the quality of your connection by making the signal transmitted by your operator stronger. It is crucial to realize that a booster does not create a new signal, it strengthens the already existing one.

But what’s the secret? Why can a booster catch the signal of your operator and stabilize it while your smartphone can’t do that? The issue is that a booster has a much more sensitive antenna than your mobile device.

After the signal is caught by an outdoor antenna, it is amplified by a booster box and further transmitted by an indoor antenna within a coverage area of a booster. All mobile devices located within the coverage area can use the improved signal as the majority of modern boosters support multiple connections. And what is even more important, even if dozens of smartphones are using the improved signal, its quality stays stable.

As you may have already understood from our description, a booster set includes several elements. They are:

  • An outdoor antenna
  • A booster box
  • An indoor antenna (some models have even 2 or 3 antennas to ensure a wider coverage)

The elements are connected with each other with the help of a coaxial cable. The installation rules may differ depending on the model under consideration. But the general principle is always the same: one antenna should be placed outdoors at the set vertical distance from the indoor antenna. Especially, it is important not to ignore this requirement if you buy a mobile network booster for the basement. Quite often it is recommended to install an outdoor antenna on the roof but it is not possible, you can fix it somewhere near the window (but do not forget about other requirements for booster installation).

Moreover, also pay attention to the length of the cables that you use to connect the booster elements. It shouldn’t be too short but a cable that is too long is also a bad idea as the power of the signal will be lost during the process of transmission.

How to choose a booster?

How to Choose a Booster

Today there are different kinds of mobile repeaters. Some of them are intended for commercial buildings, while others are designed for boats and vehicles. That’s why first of all, you should know where you are going to install your repeater. Unfortunately, it is not possible to buy a booster for home and then take it on your boat to increase the signal power during your voyage.

When you are looking for the best GSM repeater, please, analyze whether you want to improve only one type of signal or you are also not satisfied with the quality of your mobile internet providers as well.

Now you can easily find a booster intended for amplifying only GSM or 3G or 4G signal or for a combination of signals. That’s why you can choose a device for 1, 2 or 3 signals depending on your needs.

Another factor that you should bear in mind is the compatibility of a booster with your operator. Usually, sellers indicate this parameter on their websites. But honestly speaking, “compatibility with a mobile operator” is not the best term from the technical point of view. It’s better to say “compatibility with a frequency band”. Operators can use different frequencies for transmitting their signals but usually, the majority of services providers within a country share the same bands. As a result, all your family or team members, guests or visitors will also have the possibility to enjoy an excellent connection even if you all use the services of different carriers.

And there is one more parameter that is very important to take into account. It’s a coverage area of your device. There is a wide choice of models. Some of them are developed for being installed in small flats or offices (such devices are usually cheaper than others), while some other models are able to send the improved signal within an area of a huge business centre or hotel. Be very attentive to this parameter! On one hand, it is crucial to find a model with sufficient coverage to ensure a strong connection in all the rooms but on the other hand, do not buy the most expensive booster for a small flat. There is no sense in that.

The range of boosters that are available today is really wide. You can analyze different options, read reviews, and compare prices. We are sure that if you follow our recommendations, you will easily find the most appropriate device for improving your GSM signal.