Top 10 Radio Stations in the UK

Top 10 Radio Stations in the UK

In ancient days most individuals used the radio to hear the news for knowing what happens in the outside world, drama for their entertainment, and some pieces of music for their relaxation because it was a simple mode of communication. Nowadays the world is filled with mobiles, laptops, computers, television, and tablets but in this generation also radio has the widest listeners impression, reaching lots of people who have no access to the data network. The radio stations providing a piece of valuable information during this pandemic situation via radio waves. Radio remains the most used mass-communication standard all over the world these days.

The Top 10 Radio Stations In The UK

1. Heart Radio

Heart Radio

This Heart Radio is a network of 13 adult modern local stations. This station is operated by Global in the UK. Heart Radio station center of operations is located in Leicester Square, London.

Herat radio station is launched in 1994 with a frequency of 100.7 Heart FM. This heart has become the 3rd independent radio station is provides a regional service. Why the heart radio is so popular? Because they emotionally connected with the listeners and fulfill their needs all over the day.

Text number: 82122

2. Capital FM

Capital FM

This is a setup of 12 independent contemporary hit radio stations in the UK. The frequency of the Capital FM is 95.8 in the UK. As of now 9 of the stations are owned and activated by global media and entertainment.

Capital FM is started in London in the name of an independent music radio station in the 1970s. Also, they have Capital TV in addition Capital FM Arena was in Nottingham. Capital holds one famous event called Fusion Festival in the UK which occurs each year in September in Liverpool.

Text number: 83958

Contact: 0345 6000 958

3. Smooth Radio

Smooth Radio

This is a 2nd to Heart and Captial radio station, smooth is the largest independent national radio station in the UK and this station was started in 1990. The frequency of smooth radio is 97-108 FM.

The smooth Radio station was owned by Real and smooth. This company was famously known as GMG radio. This station is mainly for listeners the age of 40. This smooth radio station nationally concerned average listeners of 3 million per week.

Text number: 65588

4. BBC Radio 2

BBC Radio 2

This BBC is a radio station and it is owned and operated by the BBC and BBC radio is a nationally popular radio station in the UK. BBC Radio was launched in the year 1967.

BBC Radio 2 station is nationally concerned average audience of 15 million per week. This broadcasts all over the UK on FM between 88.1 and 90.2 MHz plus they have a wide range of broadcasts.

Text number: 88291

Contact: +44 20 8743 8000

5. Heart 80s

Heart 80s

Heart 80s launched in March 2017 in London. Heart UK is a national radio station and the Heat Extra was re-branded as ‘Heart Extra Xmas’. Heart 80s radio station is owned and operated by Global as a descendant from Heart.

This Heart 80s radio provides you a non-stop 1980s feel-good tunes to your soul. The live breakfast show, 6-10 am weekdays as well as 8 am-noon on each Saturday.

Text number: 82122

Contact: +44 20 7766 6000

6. Magic FM

Magic Radio

Magic FM is a radio station owned and operated by Bauer Radio. This FM is available in the name of Magic 106.4 FM radio in London and across the UK. This FM delivers an irreplaceable experience that ties back to that era.

This brings back all magical and regretful moments that happened in your life and this FM promises to become brought back to all the good moments and wonderful days. Magic FM evening show focuses more on pleasurable listeners, who are drained the whole day because of work pressures.

Text number: 61054

Contact: +040-66001064

7. Absolute 80s

Absolute 80s

The Absolute Radio 80s is owned and operated by Bauer Radio as part of the Absolute Radio Network and it is a national digital radio station in London. This is non-stop music from the 1980s.

This Absolute 80s launched in the year 6th December 2009. Absolute Radio 80s is a UK radio station with the No repeat warranty, which means you won’t receive the same melody repeated from 9 am to 5 pm so they have more unique songs to refresh your mind.

Text number: 81215

Contact: 0330 123 1215

8. Kiss FM

Kiss FM

The Kiss FM is launched on 1 September 1990 as a legal station. Kiss FM is a digital radio station in the UK. It is owned and operated by Bauer as a part of the Kiss Network. Kiss FM radio is mainly aimed at the 15-34 age group of people.

Kiss FM gives energy to your soul. And importantly some annual awards are planned by kiss FM and each of the prize winners walked away with a trophy price.

Text number: 64100

Contact: 0344811 22 33

9. Classic FM

Classic FM

Classic FM is owned and operated by Global and it is the UK’s three independent national radio station. This Classic FM station programs Classical music. This FM station gives the world’s ultimate music.

Classic FM radio station is launched in the year September 1992, 28 years ago. This radio station playing a wide-ranging, traditional classical melody and it plays film scores and, video game music also.

Text number: 61812

Contact: 0345 749 1812

10. Kisstory


This is the national digital radio station in the UK and it is owned and operated by Bauer Radio as a part of Kiss Network. This radio station playing “Old skool and anthems”.

Kisstory was expanded into a full-time station on 7th May 2013 because of the response to positive views from radio listeners. This station was currently airing by 11 am daily and 7 pm Sunday 8 hours per week.

Text number: 81215