Wayne Rooney Net Worth

Wayne Rooney Net Worth

Wayne Rooney, former England and Manchester United captain, is one of the most successful football players ever. Rooney’s journey has been spectacular, from his early life to his club and international career. This blog will examine Wayne Rooney’s net worth and salary and how he built his wealth and real estate portfolio.

We will also talk about Rooney’s endorsements and sponsorships, along with the awards and honours he has received throughout his illustrious career. So join us as we dive into the life of one of England’s greatest footballers ever!

Wayne Rooney’s Early Life

wayne rooney

Growing up in a working-class family in Liverpool, Wayne Rooney’s talent for football was evident from an early age. At just nine years old, he joined Everton’s youth academy, setting him on the path to becoming one of England’s most celebrated footballers.

Rooney made his professional debut for Everton at the age of 16 and quickly became known for his exceptional skill on the pitch. His breakout performance came during Euro 2004, where he scored four goals for England, catapulting him into the international spotlight.

Wayne Rooney’s Club Career

With his exceptional talent and strong work ethic, Wayne Rooney quickly made a name for himself in the football world. He played for Everton at a young age and later signed with Manchester United for a record-breaking fee.

Throughout his club career, Rooney consistently demonstrated his unparalleled skill, leading his team to numerous victories and earning widespread recognition as one of the greatest footballers ever. His success as a player undoubtedly contributed to his net worth, but his dedication to the sport set him apart from others in the industry.


Wayne Rooney’s professional career started at Everton in 2002, where he quickly made a name for himself as a young and talented player. Despite growing up in a working-class family, Rooney’s passion for football led him to join Everton’s youth academy at nine. He debuted for the club at 16 years old and became the youngest goalscorer in Premier League history.

During his stint with Everton, Rooney scored 15 goals in 67 appearances and was named BBC Young Sports Personality of the Year in 2002. His impressive performance caught the attention of Manchester United, who signed him for a then-record-breaking fee of £25.6 million in 2004.

Manchester United

Manchester United

Manchester United was where Wayne Rooney truly shone, leaving a lasting impact on the team and the league. Rooney’s contributions to Manchester United helped them win numerous titles, including five Premier League titles and one UEFA Champions League.

In addition, his incredible performance on the field earned him several individual awards, such as PFA Players’ Player of the Year and FWA Footballer of the Year. With 253 goals scored at Manchester United, Rooney became the club’s all-time leading scorer and amassed an impressive net worth of over $170 million.

Derby County

In January 2020, Wayne Rooney joined Derby County as a player-coach and immediately impacted the team. His leadership qualities and experience helped the club avoid relegation from the Championship in his first season.

Despite a challenging financial situation, Rooney’s dedication and hard work have enabled him to steer the club through difficult times, and he was appointed as the permanent manager in January 2021. Under his guidance, Derby County has managed to maintain their position in the Championship, demonstrating Rooney’s prowess as both a player and coach.

Wayne Rooney’s International Career

At 17, Wayne Rooney became the youngest player to represent England, marking the beginning of a remarkable international career. Rooney’s natural talent and versatility allowed him to play various positions, from forward to midfield. He became England’s all-time leading scorer with 53 goals in 120 appearances.

Despite his club-level accomplishments, Rooney could not replicate that success on the international stage. He participated in three World Cups and four European Championships but has yet to manage to help England win a major tournament.

Wayne Rooney’s Coaching Career

Wayne Rooney’s transition from player to coach has been an impressive one. Starting as a player coach at Derby County, he quickly became the club’s permanent manager.

With his experience at the game’s highest level, Rooney brings a unique perspective and insight into coaching, reflected in his emphasis on a possession-based game and building from the back. His impact on the team has been immediate, and there is no doubt that he has shown promise for the future.

Wayne Rooney’s Net Worth and Salary

Wayne Rooney's Net Worth and Salary

It’s no secret that professional soccer players can earn significant amounts of money, and Wayne Rooney is no exception. With an estimated net worth of around $170 million, Rooney has become one of the wealthiest footballers in the world. His earnings come from various sources, including his salary as a player and endorsement deals with major brands like Nike, Coca-Cola, and Samsung.

In addition to this, Rooney has also invested in properties and small businesses over the years, which has helped him build his considerable wealth.

How Wayne Rooney Built his Wealth?

Wayne Rooney’s wealth is the result of his various successful ventures. His most significant income source has been professional soccer, where he has played for top clubs such as Manchester United and the England national team. In addition to this, Rooney’s endorsements with major brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Samsung have contributed significantly to his net worth.

Furthermore, investments in property and businesses, including co-ownership of a sports management company and ventures into film production and publishing, have all helped Rooney build his impressive wealth. Wayne Rooney’s success can be attributed to his diverse portfolio of income sources and smart investments.

Wayne Rooney’s Real Estate Portfolio

Wayne Rooney's Real Estate Portfolio

Wayne Rooney’s success on the soccer field has allowed him to build an impressive real estate portfolio. With multiple properties in the UK and the US, he has invested in real estate for personal use and as a source of income. Rooney’s most notable property is his £20 million mansion in Cheshire, England.

In addition to owning several homes, he has also been involved in property development projects, contributing significantly to his overall net worth. Wayne Rooney’s business investments extend beyond soccer and into the lucrative world of real estate.

Wayne Rooney’s Endorsements and Sponsorships

Rooney’s popularity and success in football have made him a sought-after celebrity endorser. He has been endorsed by major brands such as Nike, Coca-Cola, and Samsung, contributing significantly to his overall net worth. In addition, Rooney has also sponsored his line of fragrances and clothing.

His ability to attract endorsement deals is a testament to his status as one of the most recognizable footballers in the world. As he continues to build his brand, Rooney will likely secure more lucrative sponsorship opportunities.

Awards and Honors Received by Wayne Rooney

Wayne Rooney is one of the most successful footballers in the game, and his long list of awards and honours attests to this fact. Throughout his career, Rooney has won five Premier League titles with Manchester United, two English Football League Cups, and a UEFA Champions League trophy.

In addition, he has been named to the PFA Team of the Year on six occasions and has won numerous individual awards for his performances on the pitch. Furthermore, Rooney’s status as England’s all-time leading goal scorer, with 53 goals in 120 appearances, further cements his place among football’s elite.


Wayne Rooney’s net worth is estimated at a staggering $170 million. He has built his fortune through various income streams, such as his playing career, coaching, real estate investments, and brand endorsements. His illustrious career on the field has earned him numerous accolades and awards. He remains one of the most successful footballers in the world.

FAQ – Wayne Rooney Net Worth

FAQ - Wayne Rooney Net Worth

How much does Rooney earn a week?

Wayne Rooney’s net worth as of 2021 is estimated to be around $170 million. His earnings vary depending on his club and sponsorships. During his time with Manchester United, he reportedly earned £300,000 weekly.

Currently playing for Derby County in the English Championship, Rooney’s salary is undisclosed.

What is Wayne Rooney’s salary?

Wayne Rooney’s salary varies depending on the team he is playing for. As of 2021, Rooney is the manager of Derby County, and his current salary is not publicly known. However, during his playing career, Rooney earned millions of pounds in salary from Manchester United and Everton.

In addition to his earnings from football, Rooney made significant money through sponsorships and endorsements.

What cars does Wayne Rooney own?

As a car enthusiast, Wayne Rooney has an impressive collection of vehicles. Some of the cars in his collection include a BMW i8, an Audi Q7, and a Range Rover Sport. Additionally, he owns a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder and a Ford Mustang.

In 2021, Rooney added a new car to his collection – the Audi RS6 Avant. With such a diverse range of cars, it’s clear that Rooney has a passion for automobiles.

Is Wayne Rooney sponsored by Nike?

Yes, Wayne Rooney has been sponsored by Nike for most of his career. He has served as a brand ambassador for Nike and endorsed several of their products.

In 2010, Rooney signed a deal with Nike worth £300,000 per year. However, he has also had sponsorship deals with brands such as Coca-Cola and Samsung.

Who owns the most luxury cars?

It’s difficult to say who owns the most luxury cars, as many wealthy individuals have impressive car collections. However, some well-known electric car enthusiasts with extensive collections include Jay Leno, Ralph Lauren, and the Sultan of Brunei.


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