AC300 & B300 Modular Power System – Provide Power As You Like

AC300 & B300 Modular Power System - Provide Power As You Like

BLUETTI has unveiled an exciting and dynamic new solution to all of your home/office renewable energy needs. We look at the facts, figures, and benefits of the AC300 & B300 Modular Power System and why this is the future of solar power.

Solar Power As A Solution

Solar Power As A SolutionIf you’re looking for a home backup system that can power almost all devices (and is super eco-friendly), the AC300 & B300 Modular Power System is the golden ticket. How it works is the AC300 solar generator powers your home office appliances and devices in the same way that a traditional gas generator would (minus the gas, of course), but in a cost-effective, eco-friendly (carbon emission and pollution-free), and noiseless way.

It does this by combining two powerful products to give you twice the energy. Not only that, it is fast-charging (we’re talking 0 to 100% in as little as 1.5 hours) and offers multiple ways to recharge, including:

  • AC + solar (maximum 5400W in 1.5 hours)
  • Car cigarette lighter (DC)
  • Lead-acid battery
  • EV station (coming soon)
  • Generator (maximum 3000W in 2.2-2.7 hours)
  • Dual AC (maximum 3500W in 1.8-2.3 hours – a T500 adapter is required)
  • Solar panel (maximum 2400W in 1.8-2.3 hours)
  • Wall outlet (maximum 3000W in 2.2-2.7 hours)

Protect Yourself Against Power Outages (24/7 UPS)

Protect Yourself Against Power OutagesFor businesses, in particular, a power outage can be detrimental. However, in the event of an energy shut-off, the AC300 & B300 provide seamless, solid, and reliable emergency power for your critical loads.

The Facts

Here is a breakdown of the convenience and control elements that comes with this energy efficient modular power system:

  • Easy connection
  • Real-time input & output
  • Tailored power consumption
  • OTA firmware upgrade
  • Customised UPS mode

Putting Your Modular Power System To Use

Putting Your Modular Power System To UseOther Benefits of the Bluetti AC300 & B300 Modular Power System

  • Highly flexible – When you want to change the layout or replace a damaged part, unplug the battery expansion pack and set it up again.
  • Easy transportation – Instead of carrying a bulky, heavy power station in one go, you can disassemble the combo and transport each part one at a time.
  • Minimum maintenance – Once you’ve pinpointed the broken module, it can be fixed without needing to change other system parts.
  • Save space – Because the unit is built separately, it is not space-consuming because you can store it in different areas, which can be useful for those pressed for space (such as in cabins or recreational vehicles).
  • Flexible compatibility – Whether your property’s electricity plan is off-grid or simply as a home backup solution, the AC300 offers an additional source of energy security by adding external battery packs.
  • Longer run-time – The AC300-B300 combo has three times the run-time as other modules (increasing your wattage from 3072W to 2288Wh). For even more juice, you can also hook up as many as 3 more B300.
  • All device charging coverage – This dual combo contains a 3000W PSW inverter, which can handle up to 6000W of start-up demand, meaning you can rely on the AC300 to run almost all of your devices smoothly and efficiently.