Optimising your Home Office


With employees in England being told to work from home if they can, the importance of having a well-optimised home office is vital. This is the place where you will be spending so much of your day so this space must be ready for you to work to your maximum potential until you can return to the office.

Here are some of our top ways of optimising your home office.

Optimising your Home Office

Injury prevention

Injury Prevention

Working from home may seem like a relatively injury-free space which is what makes the chances of an injury all the more likely. We must stay vigilant even when we’re sitting at a desk. Some of the easiest ways to reduce the risk of injury include raising your monitor to eye level so you don’t strain your eyes, having a wrist rest if your job entails a lot of keyboard writing and having a desk chair that provides back support.

Smart furniture

Smart Furniture

Don’t work for your furniture, get furniture that works for you and makes your busy life easier. Your office will no doubt be kitted out with furniture but if it isn’t supporting you then maybe it’s time for an upgrade.

Choose desks with built-in drawers for easy access and great storage so you can keep comfortable and avoid getting up to find what you need. One other tip, especially for those with a range of wires is to select desks with built-in wiring holes to keep your wires in check, reducing the risk of an accident with them too.

Make space

When you’re sitting staring at a screen all day, the last thing you need is to be cooped up in a small space. Ensure you have created the right amount of room for your office so you can get up and freely move around or stretch in between your busy schedule. It’s important to utilise this office space and complete desk stretches so your body does not seize up by the end of the day.

Keep it clean

Keep it Clean

A chaotic room will create a chaotic mind. Office space must be clean to optimise your work environment and increase the safety of the room. It is a great practice to start the day with a clean desk so your mind is focused solely on the job. Once you’re done with your working day, clean your space and future you will appreciate what you’ve done.