Where to Look for the Best Industrial Suppliers?

Where to Look for the Best Industrial Suppliers

You may need an industrial supplier for numerous reasons, whether a consistent supplier or quality tools. You can be sure to benefit from an industrial supplier. Which one you choose is entirely up to you.

What Are Industrial Suppliers?

Industrial suppliers are plants that process, distribute and make materials or parts for companies. As the name may imply, industrial suppliers, provide tools, products, and supplies tailored for a specific industry or trade. With industrial suppliers, many plants and companies can stay in running order. Industrial suppliers are what keep most countries running.

What Are the Best Industrial Suppliers?

Now that you know what industrial suppliers are, you may ask yourself what the best ones are. A few are better than others, but it is up to you to pick which one you think is best. You may think that Amazon is the best. Though, someone else could think Motion outranks Amazon. It is mainly up to preference. Who do you think is the best industrial supplier?

1. W.W Grainger

First on the list is W.W. Grainger. With over 1.5 million products and fast shipping, you cannot be dissatisfied with ordering from W.W. Grainger. Over 85,000 of those products are a few of the best fasteners you can find. W.W. Grainger is one of the best fixings and fasteners suppliers.

Best Industrial Suppliers - W.W Grainger

Not only do they have many products, but they also thrive on their helpful support system. They offer 24/7 product support in-person, online, or by phone. With over 250 locations, finding a place to get in-person help will be easy.

As well as helpful support, they offer consulting services, facility and safety services, energy services, and inventory management. With many suppliers, carriers, and resources built up over the last 95 years, it is no wonder they have over 4.5 million active customers.

2. Amazon

Acknowledged by Forbes magazine as one of the world’s best employers, Amazon is another reputable industrial supplier. Amazon is the first and only marketplace that protects its customers from third-party product liability. Amazon has over 1.9 million small, medium or large-sized companies that customers can order from.

Selling over 7,400 products per minute worldwide, Amazon has supplied renewable energy investments that could provide electricity to power 1.7 million homes in the United States for one year. That is a lot of electricity!

Amazon will not disappoint with its purpose statement and over 6,000 safety experts that can solve intricate problems while establishing new industry ways.

3. Airgas

Airgas is another top seller in the industrial supplier business. With over 18,000 employees and 1,400 establishments, you can see why they have over one million active customers.


Specializing in gas and gas gear, safety valves, welding supplies, tools, hardware, and other supplies, Airgas could be your best industrial supplier.

You will receive all the help you need with their online, in-store, or phone options for customer service. Airgas aims to satisfy its customers, and they do an excellent job.

4. Motion

Motion is another industrial supplier option that focuses on recycling. With their primary focus on something so friendly, you can surely be satisfied with ordering from Motion. Motion has saved over 13,000 mature trees and roughly 7.76 million gallons of water.

With offering automation to inventory management to fabrication, ordering has never been easier using Motion as a supplier. Motion has over 10.4 million parts, so you can be sure to locate what you need.

In addition, with over 500 locations and over $ billion in sales, it is no wonder why Motion is as successful as they are.

5. Fastenal

Last on the list is Fastenal. Going public in 1987, Fastenal has over 21,000 employees, 3,200 in-market locations, and $5 billion in annual sales today. The company has come far since it started in 1987. Fastenal can be the perfect supplier for many companies offering fasteners, hydraulics, bolts, nuts, and other miscellaneous supplies.


One thing Fastenal has over the rest of the industrial suppliers is it has the option for express delivery. Express delivery allows you to have your product the same day or the next morning. Express delivery can come in handy for those last-minute inventory realizations. As well as express delivery, they can make an order template on their website.

Using a saved template can save time and effort when ordering.


In conclusion, there are several places to look for an industrial supplier. Whether you choose Fastenal or Amazon, many companies can be a suitable options. Do your research and find which one suits you and your company best.