Top 10 Best Italian Restaurants in London

Top 10 Italian Restaurants in London

Are you living in London? If you are looking for the best Italian Restaurants in London then this blog will help you pick the best Italian restaurant near your location in London. Italian food is one of the most loved food by people all over the world. In London, there are lots of the best Italian Restaurants operating and in this blog, we have listed the best for you to pick from.

10 Best Italian Restaurants London

1. Norma London

Norma London is one of the best Italian restaurants which is inspired by the food culture of Sicily with slight lights on the Moorish Influences of the Islands Cuisine. This restaurant is well known for the old school Italian hospitality.

This restaurant working model is inspired by the Grand Café Culture found in Sicily. This restaurant has three floors in which first two floors are for a normal restaurants and the top floor is for the private dining space.

2. Tavolino


Tavolino has both an Italian restaurant and a bar inside. This restaurant is mainly split across two floors. Tavolino also has an outdoor terrace and which can occupy up to 100 seats in total. This restaurant is well known as it’s located on the river very near to the London Bridge.

This restaurant serves high-quality Italian dishes. The main thing to note about this restaurant is that the open terrace was transformed into Capri during the Summer. Here you can enjoy Italian dishes and drinks in the best environment.

3. Bella Italia

Bella Italia

Bella Italia, as the name suggests, is one of the popular Italian restaurants in London. This restaurant offers classic Italian dishes with an authentic Italian menu including pasta, pizza, deserts along with a selection of Italian drinks and cocktails.

This is one of the best restaurants in London to hang out with family and friends as it offers the most friendly environment as others do. This restaurant covers both the three-course meal and also lighter bites like Cicchetti. This restaurant has lots of varieties with vegan and gluten-free options to choose from.

4. Private Dining Rooms

Private Dinning Rooms

Private Dining Rooms is moreover like a directory to find the best restaurants in the City. Not only the Italian restaurant but also this directory will help you find all kinds of popular restaurants in the city based on your interest and the location which you are in.

This is directory website will also help you find the best list of Italian Restaurants in London near your location. Check out this site now and pick the best restaurant.

5. San Carlo

San Carlo

San Carlo is an Italian Restaurant located on Regent Street in London. This restaurant is well known for combining high-quality ingredients to get the best outcome in the dish.

If you are planning for an evening outing, dinner or if you are looking for a meeting venue in London, this restaurant will be the best choice for you. Also, this street is filled with lots of shopping options. Hence you can find some time for shopping before dinner as well.

6. Sartori Restaurant

Sartori Restaurant

Sartori Restaurant was established in the year 2010. This is well known for delivering high quality and authentic southern Italian food and the main thing to note about this restaurant is that it is located in the heart of London.

Italians who are living in London are well familiar with this restaurant as it’s located in the main place in London. The main familiar dish to know about this restaurant is Sartori Pizza, the best in London.

7. Star Hotels Collezine

Star Hotels Collezione

This is a familiar restaurant in London which serves not an only Italian dishes, but also the other classic British and Continental dishes. The main thing to note about this restaurant is that it welcomes its customers all time throughout the day.

So when you visit any time, you will be provided with the different variety of Italian and other dishes which is available during that particular time. From break fast to dinner, this restaurant is well known to be visited by many people each day as it offers the food anytime in the day.

8. Santini Restaurant

Santini Restaurant

This is one of the oldest restaurants in London. This is a family-run restaurant from the start and which now turned out to be one of the best Italian restaurants in London. This restaurant was started in the year 1984 and now it’s run by his daughter, Laura Santini.

This was successfully operating in London now for over many decades. This is known for the best Italian dishes in London. You can also book the timing by using their mobile app.

9. Osteria


Osteria is one of the latest modern Italian Restaurant located in London. This is located in the Barbican Centre which is one of the best UK cultural institutions.

This restaurant is well known for bold, regional Italian food with a focus on both seasonal and regional foods. It also offers the Italian-based cocktails list like negronis, bellinis with some traditional cocktails as well.

10. Artusi


Artusi is a famous Italian restaurant in London which is opened in the year 2014 in Peckham. The main thing to note about this restaurant is that they have a simple menu which is updated regularly every week.

 So every time you visit this restaurant, you will see something new on the menu and the main highlight of this restaurant is. If you are planning to go with a group of 8 or more people, they offer a special menu called the family sharing menu. It has an 18 seat capacity table for group outings.

If you are living in London and searching for the best Italian restaurants in London. You should be able to pick the best restaurant from the above list based on your interest and the location where you are living in London.