Top 10 Best Rooftop Bars in London


Are you planning for a good outing for this weekend in London? If you are planning to visit the rooftop bars, check out this blog as we have listed the best ten rooftop bars in London. It’s always a special thing to have a drink on the rooftop bars in the late evenings and at night. It will give you a better feeling all throughout. If you are in London, check out this blog and find the best rooftop bar near your location in London.

Rooftop Bars in London

1. Bussy Rooftop Bar

Bussy rooftop bars

As the name suggests, Bussey is a rooftop bar located in London.  The highlight of this bar is that it literally stands tall above all of the rest of the buildings in Peckham. This bar offers delicious combinations of cocktails along with tasty Pizza’s.

From this bar, you can have a good 360-degree view of London’s Skyline. Its located in the heart of South London offering a unique dining experience with the best combinations of unique drinks.

2. The Trafalgar

The Trafalgar

The Trafalgar’s roof top is one of the best spots to have the finest view of the city and enjoy having some drinks in the backdrop of London’s best skyline view. This is a rooftop bar that has a heavy Asian influence with the tapas-styled menu with small plates is a perfect one.

They have also good combinations of signature cocktails for you to have a good treat over there along with the breathtaking views from the top.

3. Aviary


Aviary is one of the stunning rooftop bar locations in the heart of London. From this bar, you can enjoy the beautiful views of London with both the dining and the drinks.

The special thing to note about this bar is that they have the special famous igloos which are perfectly suited for groups of up to six people. They have many seasonal menus and so you visit every time, you could see something different and new in the menu.

4. Sabine Rooftop Bar

Sabine Rooftop bar

Sabine is a famous rooftop bar, the unique thing to note about this bar is that they have the garden engraved bar and hence you can find lots of greeneries in this rooftop bar.

Also, the best thing is this is located away from the busy London streets and hence you will feel complete privacy in this rooftop bar. Also from this bar, you can able to see the complete view of St. Pauls. It has an open terrace with a glass-domed roof and it will give you a different experience to enjoy with some drinks.

5. Bar Elba

Bar Elba

Bar Elba is an official paradise for rooftop bar seekers. This rooftop bar is a special place to visit during summer to catch up on all the eventful vibes over there. Bar Elba operated with the main motive of delivering the best new experience to their guests who are visiting for the first time.

They always have brand new packages with the updated menus with special brunches and many more. The special thing about this bar is that they are delivering the best from morning to night behind the stunning London views.

6. Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop

Radio Rooftop is one of the iconic bars which is located on the tenth floor of MR London. From this bar, you can experience the stunning views of the River Thames and also along with London’s skyline view.

This bar is open all day long from sunrise to sunset and one can enjoy the beauty of London vibes from this rooftop bar. You can also view St Paul’s downstream to London Eye and Big Ben from this bar.

7. Madison London

Madison London

Madison London is a rooftop restaurant that takes inspiration from the lively New York dining scene. When it comes to the menu, they have different variants of the menu which are combined from the dishes of all over the world.

Mainly the menus of Madison London will have combinations of the American Classics. This bar is open all seven days a week from 12 PM to 1 AM.

8. Netil 360


Netil 360, as the name suggests itself, you can enjoy the complete 360-degree view of the city from this rooftop bar. When it comes to booking, they operate on a first come first serve basis, and hence it’s up to you to catch up on the spot soon.

Some of the things to note about this bar are that they don’t take any bookings in advance, they don’t accept table reservations and also they don’t do private hire as well.

9. London Bridge Rooftop

London Bridge Rooftop

London Bridge Rooftop is one of the largest bars in London. The specialty of this bar is that it has 200+ capacities to occupy in the outdoor venue of the bar. This bar has lots of offerings like cocktails, ginger pig, beef burgers, vegan burgers, etc

The only thing to note about this bar is that all the table reservations are non-refundable and hence you should be aware of this before making the booking in advance.

10. Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit

Aqua Spirit is one of the best rooftop bars which you should visit at least once. As with the normal other bars, this bar has a wide range of drinks with special dishes as well.

You can enjoy the stunning views of London from this bar and also they are open to taking all kinds of bookings in advance. But you need to check manually as the policy changes from time to time.

If you are reading this blog, Hope you should have now got an idea about some of the best rooftop bars in London to spend some time on the weekends with some drinks.


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