Top 10 Best Secondary Schools in London

Top 10 secondary schools in London

Secondary schools are meant for children from the age group of around 12 to 16. If you are a parent in the UK and looking for the best secondary schools in London to join your kid, Then this blog is for you as we have listed some of the best ten secondary schools. Moreover, these schools are the best nationwide, But before choosing one for your children make sure to review the profile of the school manually. Even though we have shared the best knowledge up to us, it’s always a better idea to review manually before making a decision.

You can also check your local authority website for the best schools or the ratings Ofsted, the school inspectorate in England, has given these schools. It is also advisable to education news in the UK to stay up to date about the latest trends and developments in secondary schools.

Best Secondary Schools in London

1. City of London School

The City London Schools is also known to be as CLS and City. This is a public school located in London on the banks of the Thames River. This school is located next to the Millennium Bridge just opposite Tate Modern.

This school is a partner school of City of London Freemen’s School and City of London School for girls. This was a very old school in London which was established in the year 1442. If you are planning to make your kid join one of the very oldest schools in London, Then this school will be the best choice for you.

2. Oaklands School

Oaklands School

Oaklands School is a community secondary school which is located in Bethnal Green in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets in England. Oaklands School accepts students in the age group of 11 to 18.

Oaklands is a school that is specially built to serve the local community. It is serving best for its students since 2003. Many students are even studying triple science and when it comes to results, it’s consistently in the top 5% in the country. The main motive of the Oaklands School is to serve the local community and also to promote them with proper cooperation, responsibility, and respect.

3. Kingsbury High School

Kingsburry High School

Kingsbury high school which is also known as Kingsbury middle school is a published high school. It is located in Memphis, Tennessee. Kingsbury High School is a part of the Shelby County Schools and previous it was in Memphis City Schools.

This school was started nearly a hundred years back in the year 1925 with just 71 pupils during that time. This was initially started in the building which is the main office in Colindale of the former Aircraft Manufacturing Company.

4. The Bridge Secondary School

The Bridge Secondary School

The Bridge London has schools for all divisions like Bridge Primary, Bridge Secondary, Hungerford, Integrated Learning Space, etc. This is a special secondary school that is open for students from the age group of 11 to 19 with severe learning difficulties or Autism.

This school offers the most personalized curriculum to ensure that the latest updated information is delivered to the younger generation by creating meaningful learning experiences for the students.

5. Emanuel School

Emanuel School

This is an independent co-educational day school located in Battersea in South-West London. Emanuel school was started in 1594. This was founded by Anne Sackville, Lady Dacre, and Queen Elizabeth.

This school totally occupies 12 acres of the land area near Clapham Junction Railway Station. This school teaches the GCSE and A-Level syllabuses. This school is open to take students from the age group of 10 to 18.

6. The London Nautical School

London Nautical School

This school was started back in the year 1915 and it’s more than 100 years old now. This school was started at that time in response to the Titanic disaster and the subsequent Government inquiry.

This school is the country’s very first school to intake 11 to 18 aged students. It became the foundation school in the year 1999 and later in 2003, this school was awarded as Sports College status.

7. East London Mosque School

East London Mosque School

This school is located in one of the largest Islamic centers in Western Europe. This school hosts both Muslims and non-Muslims from all over the world.

East London Mosque School is fully equipped with updated resources in the beautiful teaching environment. The main thing to note about this school is that the classrooms are built with the latest modern technology with interactive whiteboards.  Not only for Muslims, but this school is also best for all the students from all over the UK.

8. Woodside High School

Woodside High School

Woodside High Scholl is located in North London. This school is open for students in the age group of 11 to 16. This is a school that serves the multi-cultural community. In this school, every student is valued and treated as an individual.

Young children’s ability and talent are well nurtured here and the environment is created in a manner to develop their ambitions. The students who are leaving this school as highly qualified and go out as the articulate young adults

9. Kensington Aldridge Academy

Kensington Aldridge Academy

KAA, popularly known as the Kensington Aldridge Academy is a non-selective co-ed school. This is run mainly for the local community in North Kensington.

This was opened in the year 2014 and it’s a brand new school which is built with the start of the art building. This school provides its students with the best sports, arts, and facilities in all kinds of the latest technology as well. This school receives the fund directly from the Government. This school also has partnerships with the Godolphin & Latymer and Charterhouse independent schools.

10. Heartlands High School

Heartlands High School

HHS which is also known as Heartlands High School is open for students in the range of 11 to 16. This school is located in Wood Green in London.

This was started in the year 2010 as a community school and this school later became an academy in the year 2013. This school was one of the best secondary schools in London.