How to accurately choose a Plywood Size and Thickness for your Project?

How to accurately choose a Plywood Size and Thickness for your project

The importance of choosing the correct wood sheets for your upcoming project is a very important aspect of planning, considering the right plywood thickness and sheet size. This task is not complicated once you know how to choose the plywood sheets’ properties and dimensions right.

How to accurately choose a Plywood Size and Thickness for your Project?

Knowing and buying the correct plywood thickness and size will assist you in smooth project completion on time and hassle-free.

Just imagine a situation where you have started a project, the plywood supply is right in front of you and the next moment you realise that the plywood panels are too thick, or they are simply the wrong size and they do not fit.

Plywood Panels are Too Thick

To avoid this kind of situation this article will assist you in providing a piece of essential information on how to choose tight thickness. If ever in doubt after reading this article of what type of plywood is suitable for your construction project, simply get in touch with a trusted London based MGN Builders Merchants.

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When preparing for the project and selecting the plywood it is important to bear in mind that even though the manufacturing companies are trying hard to be very precise in plywood production there is always room for error.

You also must bear in mind that during the sanding process the thickness of plywood will be affected and since the wood sheets are subject to water absorption the size of plywood will be affected as result.

Plywood for Cabinet and Furniture Making

Plywood for cabinet and furniture making is in general is not exposed to moisture or any other dangers that might affect its properties and quality. The most popular and widely used wood sheet for cabinet making is the 12mm plywood thickness range.

The thickness selection varies from project to project and will depend on the size of the cabinet you are making, the longer the shelves the thicker plywood you will require to provide the optimal load-bearing capacity.

For furniture making, such as table building or set of draws in commercial buildings it is recommended thicker plywood sheets like 18 mm plywood and 24mm plywood. For decorative projects where there will be not much weight pressing down on it – chess of draws for instance the choice might fall on the thinner plywood sheets like 6mm plywood.

When it comes to building plywood walls the most optimal size would be 12mm plywood as this is an official required standard, again it is worth considering each project specification considering the many factors.

For plywood flooring business projects there it is recommended to use plywood sheets that feature a tongue and groove interlocking system that ensures optimal and secure bond of the sheets together.

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