How to Choose the Right Colour For Your Decking?


How do you choose the right colour for your decking? The right colour for your outdoor decking will make the deck visually appealing. If you’re using a composite board, choosing the right colour may not be easy since the board comes in various colours. Composite decking has ash colours, silver colour, light brown, and dark brown colours. Let’s consider some tips on how to choose the right colour for your decking.

Tips On How to Choose the Right Colour For Your Decking 

Tips to choose Right Colour for your Decking

When choosing the right colour for your decking, there are some factors you need to consider. It will help you to make the right decision. Homeowners need to consider the location of their home, the climate condition, and also the paint of their home colour.

Weather Condition

It is important to consider the weather condition of the best place you live when choosing the right decking colour. Some decking colours are suitable in hot regions while some are not.  For example, if you are in an area where the temperature is usually hot, a dark-coloured composite board won’t be the ideal colour to install outdoors. The reason for this is that the dark-coloured boards absorb heat from the sun and make the decking very hot. Homeowners staying in hot regions should go for light-coloured boards as they reflect the sunlight, thereby making the decking surface cool.


If you want to build a shade over your deck, you can choose any hardwood flooring colour. But if you’re exposing the decking outdoors without a shade over it, you should go for a light colour composite decking. The light colour board will make the decking cool when the temperature is high. The board will not absorb heat from the sun, making it comfortable for you to use your decking in summer.

Home Colour

Choose the right decking colour that will complement your exterior. For example, if your home exterior is white, you can consider installing ash composite decking colours or brown decking colours. The colours will compliment your home design making your house look more attractive.

Common Decking Colours 

Ash Composite Decking

Ash Composite Decking

Ash composite decking is one of the best colours to choose from. The colour will go with any home design. It is the right colour for your decking whether you are living in a hot or cool region. The ash colour composite decking as opposed to black colour decking, will not get hot in summer as it is capable of reflecting sunlight. Homeowners who want a modern look for their home should consider installing an ash colour decking board. The board will make your home attractive, thereby enhancing its curb appeal.

Brown Composite Decking

Brown Composite Decking

If you want to choose the right colour for decking, you can go for brown. Brown composite decking comes in a lighter and darker shade. The lighter shade is great for installing outdoors as it will not absorb heat from the sun. In contrast, the darker version is ideal for installing under a shade or in cool regions.

Brown colour decking is versatile as you can use it in any garden design. If you want your home to look modern or traditional, choose brown composite decking. The decking colour is beautiful and great for any garden decking design idea. Homeowners can even create a colour contrast by mixing the light brown decking with the dark version to attract new tenants.

Silver Composite Decking

Silver Composite Decking

Silver composite is great for creating a contemporary garden decking design. It is the right colour to choose for your outdoor decking. The board is suitable for installing in any region. It will reflect heat from the sun and stay cool in summer. Silver composite decking is beautiful and will enhance the look of your outdoor space.


If you want to choose the right colour for your decking, you need to consider your home location, colour, and weather condition. Ash, brown, and silver composite decking are great for installing outdoors.