Phone Holder For Car – How To Choose The Best?

How to choose a good car phone holder

This is quite a challenge: finding the cell phone holder for car that best suits your personal preferences. There are models of all types, sizes, and prices. Fortunately, these gadgets have made life easier for drivers.

There are various mounts that keep the phone well positioned, making life easier for the driver and keeping you and other drivers safe. The smartphone holder for cars, for example, is ideal for those who travel unknown routes and need GPS to guide them. The mounts hold the phone securely in an easy-to-see position, thus preventing the device from falling even with vibrations or at high speed.

Types Of Car Mobile Phone Holder

Types of car mobile phone holder

Cast the first stone if you’ve never seen a phone fly out of the car after a sudden stop. Beyond the risk of damaging the device, leaving your smartphone on the seat or somewhere in the car where it moves ends up being a risk to your safety.

The same goes for holding the phone in your hands while driving.

It is extremely dangerous to drive a vehicle and, at the same time, try to answer or make a call with the mobile phone in your hands, listen to or send a voice message. Or, worse yet, try sending a text message.

The simplest solution is to invest in specific support for mobile phones

Practical, they allow you to easily check the screen of the device and also prevent it from becoming a projectile in case of braking.

Magnetic Mobile Holder

Magnetic Mobile Holder

This stand model has a magnet that attracts a metal plate attached to the phone. Therefore, it is able to keep the mobile stable to avoid falls, but without making it difficult to remove it to get out of the vehicle. To fix the phone, simply hold it close to the magnet. And to take it out later, just push it away with ease.

Moderate Magnetic Force: Thanks to the four neodymium magnets, the phone remains stable even on bumpy roads, but it is not that difficult to remove if necessary.

Adjustable Angle: The stand features a metal ball in the center, so adjusting the angle of your phone for a more comfortable view of the screen is easy.

Strong 3M Adhesive – Magnetic Vehicle Mount uses strong removable 3M adhesive on the base and metal plates. Secures dash mount and leaves no marks.

The bracket is installed horizontally on the flat and smooth surface, without liquid and dust, to prevent it from falling due to gravity.

Support With Clamps

This is probably the most common type. The device holds the mobile using claws or clips with springs that “squeeze” the side of the phone. This is exactly the good side of these mounts: in general, they keep the phone very steady. However, taking it out of the holder is not that practical, and depending on the model of the device, it is almost impossible to fix it without pressing any buttons, such as the power button or the volume controls.

Smartphone Holder For Car Cup Holders

Smartphone holder for car cup holders

The device stays a little more hidden, in a less visible place, and without the risk of being exposed to sunlight. This cradle attaches securely to your vehicle’s cup holder and firmly positions any compatible smartphone for perfect visibility without requiring a suction cup or adhesive. The mount can rotate 360 ​​degrees so you can position your smartphone in portrait or landscape viewing mode. Portrait mode is ideal for hands-free charging, listening to music, and taking calls, while landscape mode makes it easy to use your favorite navigation apps.

As you can see there are many models of mobile phone holders that you can choose from! You can easily find affordable car phone holders by visiting DHgate!