Top 8 Crypto Memes that will make you Laugh


Cryptocurrency is a digital asset that enables traders to extract raw money from the web. The best part about Crypto is that it doesn’t require any centralized judiciary to function. Similarly, memes are the love language of today’s era. Memes have made it everywhere, be it NASA or Crypto! These funny pictures and captions lighten our mood in every situation.

Top 8 Crypto memes that will make you laugh

Here are the top crypto memes which you will find all over social media and other platforms.


Bitcoin Owners and their Job

Bitcoin is not new in the market, but some individuals are pretty novel to the concept of online currency. To those not interested in Crypto, the idea of online currency and its use might seem alien. Hence, this meme is very relatable as it displays how every individual has their varied opinion on what the Crypto trader does.


When your Friend Finally Invest in Crypto

Here is another hilarious meme regarding online trading. It shows the actual risk involved in the Crypto market, as the prices fluctuate and keep going up and down with time. But, if we convince a friend and bring them into the Crypto market, and they end up losing all their money, we do feel guilty, don’t we?


Dank Memes

One of the most epic Crypto memes is the one shown above. A patient who is also a Crypto trader wakes up from a nine-year-old coma, and the nurse is elated. But he does not worry or quiz the nurse about his coma or how his family is doing. Instead, he straight up tells her that he is excited to see how much profit his crypto trading has fetched him in this nine-year. This is because a Crypto trader has only one priority in life- Cryptocurrency.


The Dragon Memes

Here is yet another classic meme from the dragon template. The first two dragons in the picture are scary and somber and represent grave and severe things, while the third dragon looks cute and funny. The third dragon symbolizes something less powerful or blue. The advent of Dogecoin, based on the world-famous meme of Cheers, a Shiba Inu dog, had the crypto world rolling with laughter. Even the face on the coin is that of Cheers.

It shows how the makers and inventors of cryptocurrencies have kept their Sense of humour alive. DogeCoin was brought to the market to establish Crypto as a light-hearted trading style instead of an alien one. For example, SpaceX tycoon Elon Musk asserted that users could buy all Tesla products with Dogecoin. Also, Dogecoin is a meme coin, showing how intellectual the other currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin sound compared to Dogecoin.


Sleepless Nights Crypto Memes

Here is another variation of a funny Crypto meme. It shows how crypto traders spend sleepless nights, as they have to keep a tab on the crypto market. The famous meme template wherein a man is going towards, Only to be stopped by a monster in pink. Here in this meme, the man desperately needs an 8-hour long sleep, but Crypto is not letting him complete his rest. The meme also shows how much time and effort day traders have to put in while dealing in cryptocurrency, which sometimes even costs their sleep.


Expectation Vs Reality Crypto Memes

Another Meme that will make you laugh out loud is the one shown above. In this meme, a girl explains something to her friend, which is cryptocurrency. But on the right-hand side, we see a man explaining something extremely complicated with a frantic expression on his face. He uses strings and a board to break it down to his companions.

This meme shows how people familiar with Crypto think this is an easy subject, but those on the receiving side of the explanation are usually confused. If one does not know about cryptocurrency, it will be a jumble of words. Do your friends think cryptocurrency is a complicated subject, or do they understand every bit of it when you break it down to them?


When you invest everything in cryptocurrency

Every trader has had their second thoughts while investing in cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is an online trading subject to market risks and does not fall under any governmental judiciary. The trader or somebody who deals in cryptocurrency must be cautious of where they invest, and traders should only do out with proper knowledge.

The above meme is hilarious, and it shows how somebody interested in cryptocurrency or trading in it invests everything in this online business. It gives the viewer an exaggerated view of investing in cryptocurrency. The exaggerated picture shows that a man who has invested in cryptocurrency Has used even his last penny and thus has no furniture left in his house.

The man only has a mattress left without bed sheets or food. He is wearing something ridiculous like a space jacket which isn’t even an item of proper clothing. The meme gives an extreme view of what it is like to invest in cryptocurrency. People bet all their belongings and wealth on cryptocurrency, but traders should do it with proper knowledge and an idea of the risk. After all, you do not want to end up like the man in the meme: with no appropriate clothes or bed!


Investing in Altcoin

Oh, what a classic meme this is! A running joke heard in the crypto community is that if somebody invests in all sorts of cryptocurrency, the risk they face is much lesser as all the troubles at the extremes cancel each other out, and one faces an only median threat in the market. Also, the profit that one gains is average, as all the extremities of profit cancel out, and only the median ones are left.

In practice, this is a clever move as if you invest in many kinds of cryptocurrencies, and then even if one of your enterprises fails, you are left with many other cryptocurrencies to balance it all out. Is this meme relevant, which shows a silly practice wherein the trader invests his money in all sorts of cryptocurrencies? Even if he faces severe losses in one currency, the chances are that the other currencies will make up for it.

One should note that this does not always work, as there are times when all the cryptocurrencies come crashing in the market. Before investing, one should be extremely careful and have genuine knowledge about cryptocurrency, you can gain the required knowledge from the best bitcoin platforms like Algo Affiliates.

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