Everything You Want to Know About Cleaners in London

Everything You Want to Know About Cleaners in London

The life of a cleaner in London is very varied and interesting. So, we thought we’d share what cleaners do on a daily basis across the city. Cleaners work very hard throughout their day. The same cleaner that cleans your home may also clean offices, shops, hotels, restaurants, and more! They are ninjas, moving around London, cleaning things expertly as they go. So we thought we’d tell you about cleaners in London, their daily duties and some more FAQs about cleaners that are really important.

What Do Cleaners In London Clean?

What Do Cleaners In London Clean

Cleaners in London will clean a wide variety of properties throughout their day. This could be a family home, a car showroom, outdoor restaurants, shops, hotels, and more. A cleaner will clean many commercial buildings and domestic properties a day. So, if you have a shop down your street and it is professionally cleaned, chances are, it could be the same cleaner that cleans your home and the shop. Most cleaners are trained to be able to do both domestic and commercial cleaning, so they can take on more jobs and earn more cash.

Let’s not forget hospital cleaners. The same cleaner that cleans your home could be cleaning hospitals around London too. And I must stress taking all precautions extremely seriously and ensuring all their customers are safe. So, while a lot of the work cleaners do around the city goes unnoticed (we only notice a dirty hotel room, not a clean one), I think we can all appreciate the hospital cleaners, especially at the moment!

How Do Cleaners In London Get Around?

How Do Cleaners In London Get Around

We’re sure you haven’t seen too many cleaners on the tube with their mops and buckets struggling from platform to platform, so how do cleaners get around London? Well, most cleaners work in their local area. This means that the majority of cleaners can simply walk to their cleaning jobs.

Of course, you don’t see many people pushing Hoovers down the street, either. Well, this is because most cleaners in London use the cleaning equipment available to them wherever they are cleaning. Most of the time, the cleaner is doing the cleaning chores that the person doesn’t have time for, so using their cleaning equipment will get the job done. If the job is more involved (a spring clean, for example), a cleaning company will come in with specialist cleaning tools like top-quality carpet cleaning equipment.

Some cleaners do work further afield, for example, the financial sectors of London need a lot of cleaning. So, you are likely to see cleaners on the tube and on buses, but they don’t bring their cleaning equipment. Even the fanciest offices in London do have cleaning equipment hidden away somewhere, and the cleaners use that.

 Do Cleaners In London Make A Living Wage?

Do Cleaners In London Make A Living Wage

We cannot speak for all the cleaning companies in London here. Although we can say that not all cleaning companies in London pay their staff a living wage. However, some cleaning companies in London do pay the London living wage to their cleaners, which is awesome and long overdue. We actually have articles detailing why our cleaning team receives the Living Wage if you want to hear our opinion on the matter.

However, we say it’s about time that all cleaners in London receive the London living wage. If this is a concern, the Living Wage Foundation website has a full list of every company in every sector that has offered their staff the living wage. There are over 9,000 companies on that list from all sectors. So, some cleaners are paid a living wage, but not all, yet!

Why Are Cleaners In London Important?

Why Are Cleaners In London Important

Throughout the pandemic, cleaners have been working across London to ensure that offices, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, and homes are safe for everyone. This pandemic has shown London just how vital cleaners are and how important they have always been. Without professional cleaners coming into businesses and homes, colds, the flu, and covid would be a lot worse. Cleaners are extremely important for London. So the next time you see a cleaner in the wild, give them a pat on the pat and say thanks. Cleaners really don’t get any credit for how safe they’ve kept London during the last few years!

We hope this look at what cleaners in London do and why they are so important has been interesting. Cleaners play an important role in London and have done for hundreds of years. London has never been tidier thanks to an army of cleaners that are working in the city. So, thank you to all the cleaners in London and nationwide; you’re awesome!