Freight Forwarding – Top 5 Freight Forwarding Companies

Freight Forwarding

In order to ship your goods to the markets abroad, you may require Freight Forwarders. Many do not have the arrangements to deal with them and they require freight Forwarding methods. Freight Forwarders are the set of people who work as the exporter and importers to transfer the goods in the supply chain. They act as the link between different producers and the distributors to final customers. The transportation process may also be very complex which can be through both mediums of land and water and sometimes both are involved in the shipment. The companies which are involved ensure to safeguard the goods and move them across the borders to have a safe transfer of goods without any damage and questioning. They offer or also suggest the best routes you can take up to reach the destination in the minimum time possible without any difficulty.

What is Freight Forwarding? 

Basically, the movement of goods across the globe via different transportation methods is termed Freight Forwarding. The business may expand if it reaches different countries and other countries may get the services also. Thus, the companies need to export as well as import goods from all around the world to carry out a swift business model. The people who provide the services of Freight Forwarding are called freight Forwarders.

Freight Forwarders

The Freight forwarders help to establish the link between the manufacturer and the distributor. They arrange different kinds of international as well as in some cases domestic shipment services also. Their work is to arrange everything which would be necessary to import or to export the goods from one place to another. The expenses of stay, documentations, and the safeguarding of the goods are all taken care of by the Freight Forwarders. They make sure to clear the customs swiftly.

Freight Forwarders UK

They do not physically take part in the movement of the goods but suggest the valuable things and the ways to reach the goods to the market. It is generally hired by big companies. Freight forwarders basically act as the link between the producer and the shipment companies. They have a variety of shipment companies in their contact depending upon the workload and the distances of transportation. You can choose from any of them which you find trustworthy and reputed.

The different freight forwarders are efficient in their work so the individuals do not need to take tension upon it. They calculate the shipment costs of importing and exporting, documentation and other fees. They give essential knowledge of the shipment tracks that would cost less and will be reasonable.

Freight Forwarding Companies

 We have compared many of the Freight forwarding Companies that work across the globe and all of the statistics say DHL Global is the biggest of all the freight forwarders across the globe. It is well-reputed and is very famous. Due to its quality of shipment, the customers trust the company in the supply chain. But apart from DHL, there are other competing companies also that you can go for. These are:

  • DB Schenker
  • Sinotrans
  • Panalpina
  • Kuehne + Nagel
  • Expeditors

Can you also become a Freight forwarder?

 Entering the world of freight forwarding is a bit complex. The companies which are well established are the ones who take the majority of the clients and small businesses also. If you want to be established and grow up with this, you should have some experience and some knowledge regarding the shipments and the proceedings. The freight Forwarders are the link between the exporters and different companies. You need to build up a strong communication network to deal with a large number of clients. Development of the network is the key which essentially requires many years of hard work and training in order to grow.

Freight Forwarding companies

Training and Expertise 

The shipment of the goods across the world requires a reputed and established firm which has a good set of knowledge regarding the international trade laws, procedures of the customs services and different types of import duties which are in charge of the order. You need to build up a solid knowledge regarding different shipment strategies which would be efficient and get in-depth knowledge regarding the rules and regulations of different companies and the border laws too.

The Freight forwarding industry requires a good set of knowledge so, the process to learn all of this should require some prior training. The training may be formal as well as informal. In many of the trade relationships, they require a certificate for freight forwarding in order to transfer many hazardous or dangerous commodities.

You may also join some established firms in the first place to learn and build up the network. The BIFA also known as the British International Freight Association have different courses regarding different shipment strategies that you can learn and grasp. This knowledge is essential to grow and prosper in this industry.

Specialisms and opportunities

 You may have a wide variety of goods shipment options and many clients would demand different strategies and routes to transfer their commodities, but the final decision is upon you whether you want to go for it or not. It all depends on your calibre to finish a task and take up the work you can finish up in time with utmost quality. Generally you don’t know which type of shipment is best suited for you. It requires experience and knowledge to look for the best.

Freight Forwarding services


Your ambitions will finally decide to which company you want to compete. Starting at a small scale and then increasing your territory is one of the certified and efficient ways to grow. There are already many shipment companies that work across the world and are well established. So, it is better to have good research about your personal favorite niche and different aspects to choose from. In the end, it is a profession based on customer satisfaction and you should focus on this aspect the most. If you liked the analysis you can comment down your thoughts below in the comment section.