Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance & Handheld Acceptance

Outward RDC

The word “Outward RDC” is a monitoring concept in use by Royal Mail tracking package deliveries. Royal Mail, established in the United Kingdom as well as numerous other nations, is among the most reputable postal services in the world.

In 1516, the business was established. Royal Mail had already built a strong reputation in the shipping industry for decades, and according to data, the company carried 1.2 billion packages in 2017 while in 2018, it rose to 14.4 billion.

Royal Mail follows a particular set of regulations and procedures to guarantee that the shipment is done smoothly. Whenever people utilize Royal Mail facilities, customers will be given a URL to monitor the progress of their package in real-time. The status of the client’s parcel will alter depending on the monitoring stage, which will be indicated in various situations. In other words, whenever a user ships a package with Royal Mail, you’ll be provided with a code to monitor it. You’ll note that the shipment updates from period to period with various tag names if users use their parcel tracking system. Few individuals are acquainted with the monitoring aspects that are employed by the corporation for shipments, therefore we’ll just centre on such phrases in this post.

outward rdc handheld acceptance

Among the all too many common words that may also have come across while monitoring a package is Outward RDC. Most individuals are perplexed by such terminology. A Regional Distribution Center is shortened as RDC. The regional distribution centre resembles a giant storehouse wherein thousands of items from multiple businesses are distributed each day. These locations receive a large number of shipments each day which can be difficult to even get cargo into. We have a number of arrangements that enable freight to also be carried in a centralized fashion, as well as by keeping a truck on-site, helping simplify the operation faster. Whenever this occurs, RDC’s digital signatures mostly on the gateway will indicate that now the freight has reached on location. The POD would also show once the task is finished.

A regional distribution centre abbreviated as RDC is a facility that is given to a number of businesses rather than a particular organization. When you see outward RDC on the package’s active state, it signifies that delivery will be on its route to the regional distribution centre, where it will be prepped for more delivery.

Outward RDC – Volumetric Acceptance

Your postal state will switch to Outward Regional Distribution Center (RDC)- Volumetric Acceptance immediately after the shipment has now been collected by a Regional Distribution Center. This just indicates that the package was already received and would be shipped from the facility to the specified location.

Outward RDC mail delivery system

Outward RDC – Handheld Acceptance

 Your postal state will switch to Outward Regional Distribution Center (RDC)- Handheld Acceptance. The cargo is retained for just a period of time once it has been stamped “Accepted” at the storehouse before even being dispatched to the postal location. The package is now in the process and will be distributed shortly. For example, if someone orders a scanner on eBay, that will be sent to Royal Mail for dispatch after eBay handles it. As a result, the package achieves “handheld Acceptance.”

Let us look into some of the other terms that are updated depending upon different situations apart from Outward RDC

 Royal Mail assigns you a postal id which users input into their tracker to monitor their package. When your package is processed, the data will be stored in the monitoring system, maintaining customers informed about the status of the package. It’s important to remember that now the number of scans required varies depending on the provider. The terminology listed below is just some of the most commonly used in the monitoring system.

Outward RDC Monitoring System

Item has been delivered

 You notify Royal Mail when you have shipped your post once you actually posted it. It allows customers to keep their postal tracking info up to date.

Item has been received

 This essentially signifies that the package has also been delivered and is now being processed by Royal Mail. When you choose shipment confirmation only, you would only be notified whenever the product has been delivered, based on the package you select.

Royal Mail Customer Support received this item.

Your item was sent to Customer Support with the following information: address, date, and minute. The data is then maintained for monitoring on the Royal Mail system.

Outward RDC Monitoring System

Technical Issues on the Inside

 This indicates that the Royal Mail has encountered technical network problems which have disrupted regular postal operations.

While in transit

 The order will be booked for dispatch once it is acquired. It is subsequently labelled «In Transit» as it made its way through the process on its way to being delivered. The state and location specifics are attached so you’ll be able to monitor it by using the reference id


The charge to settle – occurs whenever the shipper refuses to pay the shipping expenses or if the goods are subjected to a customs duty.

Redirection – By ordering a redirection option, the receiver may modify the mailing address. This adds another day or two to the delivery time.

Keepsafe Item – by ordering a Keepsafe service, the receiver may request that the product be held at the distribution centre for a longer period of time.

Attempted the delivery- Royal Mail may well have difficulty locating the destination, so delivery may be tried. They are just struggling to obtain information about the mailing address. The goods might then be attempted to be delivered the next day.

Outward RDC mail system

Getting Ready to Ship

 Until you select the Keepsafe option, your goods would be shipped as quickly as feasible after it has been labelled prepared for delivering. On the tracking network, your arrival status would be changed alongside your track id.

Delivered to a Secure Location

 You may not have been available to receive your goods due to unforeseen events therefore you choose to get them transferred to a secure location. Your item state shall be changed after it has been transported to the secure location.

Item for Retention

A Retention Service is a service that covers days when a service is closed. The goods will be sent only once they are available, not on these dates.


Once the receiver has picked up the goods following shipment this is displayed.


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