Why you need to hire a Facebook Ads Agency for your Business?

hire a best Facebook Ads Agency

If you are looking to generate leads, grow brand awareness, and increase sales for your business then you should consider Facebook advertising. This is increasingly becoming a popular trend to help businesses grow, small and big alike.

In this age of self-confessed experts, the options may be broad when looking for a Facebook Ads agency. The problem is how you know if you are hiring a qualified expert. The Facebook Ad agencies exist to help businesses perform tasks like advertising and marketing.

These marketing agencies provide full-time Facebook management. Working with an agency will ensure you have better chances of achieving your advertising goals it is better than trying it on your own.

But first, before we dive into the reasons why it is important to hire a Facebook advertising agency let’s look at why you need to advertise on Facebook.

Facebook Ads Agency

  • Huge traffic

Almost everyone is registered on Facebook, it boasts over 1.49 billion users worldwide and about 22 billion ad clicks per year. This massive following makes Facebook a huge platform for advertising. The chances that you will hit your target market are high; you only need a way to get to them.

  • Facebook Ads are affordable

For a platform this big, the Facebook ads are astonishingly cheap. Compared to what other marketing and advertising channels charge this fee is just a fraction. You only need to allocate your preferred budget and set up an ad campaign to advertise your brand.

  • Flawless targeting capabilities

You can target anyone; Facebook gives marketers the power to select their target based on behavior, demographics, age bracket, language, connections, interests, and location. This feature is important at it can accurately target your potential clients and filter any out-of-market clickers.

  • Remarketing Features

Facebook can track the leads that view your ad and don’t follow through. When they leave your site they can be tracked and pushed down the funnel to try and convince them to make a purchase. It is also known as retargeting and works by tracking a user who had visited your site and displays your ad on Facebook.  This strategy tries to give your leads a last gasp push to try and make the order.

Best Facebook Ads Agency

  • Ease in Finding New Qualified Leads

You can set a custom audience and the “lookalike audience” feature will search for people similar to your custom audience. These people are likely to be interested in the kind of service you are promoting. Flexible customization is available as you can customize it to your liking to ensure your lookalike audience is identical to your target clients.

Why hire a Facebook Ad agency?

  • Saves Time

Hiring an advertising agency gets you the precious time needed to work on your business. The energy you would invest in trying to grow your brands’ awareness on the internet can be channeled towards other important issues.

Managing an online presence takes time and effort. An agency can relieve that stress and allow you to re-invest your time on other pressing issues.

  • Saves you money

Hiring an in-house marketer will prove more expensive in the long run. An agency will prove cheaper than a full-time employee. Working with an agency is much more effective as an agency will provide access to their vast staff like videographers, designers, editors, etc. while hiring a single marketer will only mean he manages the ads and not the whole campaign.

  • Skills and expertise

Agencies have been doing this business and are well equipped with the tools for success. They have access to professionals with different skill sets. Their marketing and advertising prowess will lessen your burden of having to handle the pressure of delivering quality results.

hire a Facebook Ads Agency

  • Open and adaptable to change

Facebook ad agencies are used to the pressure that comes with this work. This means they are can work fast and efficiently. They can track ad performance and report in an instance, and their strong execution enables them to accomplish tight deadlines and quick changes to the original strategy.

  • Keeping up with the trends

Advertising and marketing rarely stay the same. The industry is constantly evolving and new trends and updates always emerge from time to time. Facebook comes with new rules and updates regularly and ad agencies are always up to date with these changes. This would be a huge advantage for you as your ad campaigns are in good hands.

  • Turnover

Employees sometimes leave, this is normal for every business. You do not have to worry about this when working with an agency as they are trained marketing professionals and it is very unlikely they experience this kind of shift while working on your campaign as their vast resources allow for this flexibility.

  • Fast Results

Don’t waste your time trying to do something you do not have a complete grasp of. Marketing gurus will optimize your Facebook ads and generate satisfactory results. They have done this for a long time and know what strategies work best.

Facebook Ads Agency for business

  • Build new Relationships

Working with an Agency helps you broaden your network. You will gain a new perspective on your service and are bound to pick a thing or two from working with professionals.

Bonus Tips

A good Facebook agency may be hard to find. You do not know how to vet them or who will deliver the quality work you want. Here is a list of questions to ask them before hiring them.

  1. Who is the target audience?
  2. How will you track and show the success and ROI of the campaigns?
  3. What is the execution plan for the ad campaign?
  4. How often do I receive reports on the campaigns?
  5. Who are your previous clients?
  6. When should the results be available?


Before deciding on the agency you want to hire, think of the needs of your business and what it stands to benefit. The final decision is in your hands; consider all the factors carefully before making the choice.