Harness the Powerful Reach of Google Ads

google ads for business

By harnessing the power and reach of Google Ads, you can effectively drive traffic to your website and increase your brand’s exposure both regionally and globally.

But Google Ads requires an investment of time and money to gain the most value out of the platform. You should first ensure that your products and services benefit from the resources that this powerful ad platform can deliver. The best way to do this is by looking at what your closest competitors are doing with their online advertising.

Consider Whether Google is Right for Your Brand

Google provides lots of data that can be analysed and provide you with concrete statistics about the results of a competitor’s ads placement. You may find that your industry’s products are a little too specialised for the masses and that you be better off focusing on social media platforms to deliver your message to your intended audience.

Partnering with a digital marketing agency experienced in Google Ads can provide you with a lot of answers about which direction you should turn in online advertising. Providing them with a list of your main competitors can reveal a lot about the ads they place, who they are targeting, and the ad fees they incur.  

google ads for business growth

Keep Up with the Competition

You may decide that the ROI is simply not worth the added expense. But remember, this ad platform doesn’t just drive buyers to your website; it increases your brand’s exposure and spreads its message as well. And it is one of the world’s most powerful tools in doing this. Google delivers 2.3 million search results worldwide every second of the day.

You should factor in the potential ROI as well as the current one. Every brand needs to grow to survive. And every brand needs to be competitive in their marketplace. If all your competitors are all active on Google Ads, and you’re not, your website will risk being lower-ranked than them. And 70% of all users searching for results on Google never look beyond the first page of results.

Invest in Google Ads Management

You may have determined that Google offers the best chance of your brand increasing its market share and decided to take the plunge.

This will mean that you have to formulate a marketing strategy and include ad management into that strategy. And this where an experienced digital marketing agency can provide extra value. The agency will help you decide on a marketing strategy that fits within your budget.

power of google ads

They also know how to apply the different formats that Google offers to represent your products and services creatively and effectively. Best of all, these agencies know how to stretch your budget by using the pay-per-click (PPC) payment platform that is the basis of Google Ads. Using the PPC business model effectively is crucial to getting ahead of the competition while staying within your ad budget.

Starting an ad campaign on Google Ads doesn’t have to be risky to be rewarding. It can reap many benefits that drive increased traffic to your website, spread your brand’s exposure and message into new markets, and keep your site ranked high within the search results for your product and service category.