How Fleet Tracking Can Transform Your Business?


One of the biggest headaches for fleet managers is managing the driver’s whereabouts when things don’t go to plan. Not only this, but fleet managers must also deal with issues such as driver distractions, speeding drivers and budget busters such as delays and bad driving habits.

Any logistics industry fleet manager, whether they’re handling courier or commercial fleets will understand the importance of streamlining and managing their fleet in a transportation cost and man-friendly way.

That is where fleet tracking devices can undoubtedly be of enormous benefit, whether it’s cars, vans or lorries. Companies such as Trackershop offer GPS fleet tracking devices that will help you manage your fleet and overcome many of the headaches we mention.

To learn a little more about this, let’s look at how fitting fleet tracking GPS devices to your fleet can help you every day, by telling you a little more about fleet tracking and the benefits to your business.

Fleet tracking systems

Fleet Tracking SystemsTrucks, trailers and equipment can be fitted with connected devices for an overall view of your fleet operation, including:

  • Trips/route information
  • Speed alerts
  • Set geo-locations
  • Real-time reports for idle times, mileage, trips and fuel level, driver behaviour and diagnostics

Knowing it all

Tracking software will give you information as straightforward or as advanced as you need it to be. The Fleet tracking system’s specific aims are to reduce the amount of work you need to do manually for fleet management, whether you run cars, vans, lorries or motorcycles.

They provide data that enables you to streamline your business and driver movements, address poor and uneconomical driving habits and help out when new drivers come on board. You can see their routes, address real-time traffic issues with them, and notice when they aren’t driving safely or in the most economical way.

GPS Fleet Tracking SystemsThis means you have an easy way to track and manage your vehicles through technology. A GPS fleet tracking system will help you improve customer service and make for a more efficient work environment, helping you get the best from your fleet drivers by maximising their value on the road.

You will know exactly where they are and what extra capacity they could handle for you should it be needed. You will reduce the amount of paperwork you are piled up with, decrease overheads and have a greater opportunity to increase your earning ability.

Imagine that you can head off drivers and avoid them running into traffic jams and know precisely when they should arrive at each location using real-time information. You have a backup in case of invoice disputes, and you can keep your customers better informed.

Fleet tracking devices are quick and easy

Fleet Tracking Devices are Quick and EasyMost fleet tracking devices combine GPS tracking with cellular network data to communicate with fleet managers. Modern fleet GPS trackers also have onboard processing, embedded device logic and security layers that protect the data and communications protocol management.

Additional features often include no fixed-term contracts, simply paying monthly, and no additional software, so you can log on to fully private fleet panels from most devices and locations with unlimited team access.

Reports on driver behaviour, timesheets, personal mileage, and time-on-site management are pulled automatically and organised to remove much of the information gathering that hinders many logistics companies and fleet managers every day.

There are fuel savings when you redirect drivers when jams or problems get in the way, meet your customers’ growing demands for seamless, slick and hassle-free services and perhaps increase your place amongst the competition.

Not only that, but you can also do your bit for the environment. It can certainly pay in money and time, as well as reputation, to manage your vehicle fleet using fleet tracking.