How to Build a Guest Posting Strategy That Rocks : 5 Secrets Inside!

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Undoubtedly guest blogging has gone mainstream and is one of the best used inbound marketing strategies. It has many benefits, including attracting backlinks, building brand authority, driving traffic and generating tons of leads. Although it is such a great strategy that everyone likes doing it, site owners love to host guest blogs to raise their site authority and traffic.

With the time market has become quite competitive, and it has become hard to receive tangible results from guest blogging. But if you know the right way, you can still reap great benefits for your businesses.

Let’s know about secrets for building a great guest blogging strategy

Always select your target sites carefully

Lots of businesses claim that guest blogging is not working for them. The reason for no results is hosting your blogs on the wrong sites most of the time. The target sites need to be chosen carefully and can create a lot of failures.

Here the secret is to start picking your target with care. Always look for a blog that is fit as per your company and has achieved the milestones you are looking for. Look for the site of your niche that is often visited by the audience and has great authority. Targeting A-listed commercial web platforms can also be one of the options if you want success overnight. To take maximum benefit of the Guest postings services associate your business with an organization offering premium sites for guest posting.

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Prepare your own sales pitch

Always be honest with yourself, especially while reaching out for a blog and asking them for publishing it. If you have some great authority blogging site, the chances are higher that you may face serious sales resistance. It entails that you need them; on the other hand, they can carry on without you.

Some tricks for pitching are to try to approach every blog individually. Be confident and respectful. Prepare it snappy and short. Focus on words to explain the blog and how you can be a valuable addition to the platform. Include your previous works. Always start pitching with the topics directly related to the niche. No spelling and grammar mistakes; proofread twice before delivering. Many blogging websites have writer guidelines in the footer, sidebar or main menu. Read them thoroughly before writing your pitch.

Competitor Backlinks

To be successful in any field, we need to have a mindset that is different from others. At times, brands try to pull out the competitor’s backlink analysis for working on SEO campaigns so that the chances are higher that you can know about their strategy behind guest posts they have created.

You can also get through the tools like Open Site Explorer and look at the competitor’s backlinks and start spotting the blog post they have written in the past. If you have a strong competitor, it will help you make your site strong, and you will know about what your competitors are doing.

For maximum conversions, optimize your bio

It is a hidden tool for any successful guest post that is usually underestimated. Many statistics revealed by Linkedin states that including the power of a photograph in social media profiles builds 36x additional responses, profile views 21x and more people to 9x linking up to you. Try showing off your personality to allow your readers to be drawn to you. Try avoiding one-size-fits every blog post kind of bio. Tweak your profile as per the specific audience you have written for and connect better with the audience. To take you seriously, try adding more social media proofs to your profiles.

How to Build a Guest Posting Strategy That Rocks

Dedicate your blog post to a landing page, not your home page

To initiate the same design, a particular web page targets the host website visitors rather than sending traffic to your generic pages. The main idea is to receive a warm audience by guest blogging, and you can do this by linking through a special landing page. You can also complement your guest post by offering the users a giveaway per the campaign you are running for.

Also, try using interchangeable language on your landing page and author bio to allow readers to connect with the two of them easily. Also, strip your web page with anything that can cause your reader to leave without any conversions or desired to take any actions.