How stickers can benefit your advertising strategy?

How stickers can benefit your advertising strategy

Are you looking to explore alternative advertising strategies? Or are you still on the hunt for that one element that will make you and your brand stand out from your competitors? No matter if you are just starting out, are a well-established local business, or run a big e-commerce platform, your advertising strategy can always be optimized. In this article, we will introduce you to one of the most effective advertising tools: custom stickers, and discuss how stickers can benefit your advertising strategy.

Yes, you read that right. The little adhesive-backed pieces of paper or plastic that you might remember from your childhood. They are incredibly versatile and can help you generate exposure for your business and reach a wider audience. So let us jump right into how you can use stickers to optimize your marketing strategies.

1. Add stickers with every order

Add Stickers with every order

Bought in bulk, stickers are very low-cost, coming in at only a few cents per sticker. This makes them the perfect complimentary extra you can easily add to every order or purchase. Through something as simple as adding stickers, you can activate a whole host of positive subconscious mechanisms.

Given in the right moment, stickers are not seen as a marketing tool. Instead, they are more likely to be perceived as a gift. Gift-giving has long been a part of advertising strategies as it is known to forge positive associations between customer and brand. These emotions ensure that your business secures that prime spot in a customer’s mind.

This entire process is rooted in a concept coined in social psychology: the rule of reciprocity. It describes how the receiver of a gift feels the subconscious desire to reciprocate the favor. This can take the shape of purchase, a recommendation, or even a post on social media.

By giving away free stickers, you turn your existing customers into brand ambassadors. Little is more powerful than a laptop sticker of your logo and a customer who sings your praises!

2. Go green with biodegradable stickers

Biodegradable paper

Purchase decisions consist of multiple elements that are usually considered within seconds. One of the biggest factors that can influence a customer’s decision-making process is sustainability. In a recent study, core DNA found that 65% of consumers want to buy from companies that aim to produce sustainably and advertise an environmentally friendly approach.

Hopefully, this trend is here to stay as it has so many benefits you do not want to miss out on. Saving the environment is something every one of us should get behind and business owners should not neglect it.

The sticker can help you achieve that. While they are traditionally associated with plastic, there are eco-friendly and even biodegradable alternatives. Especially if you are already investing in biodegradable packaging, you want to choose a sticker that can be disposed of in the same way. There are great UK-based sticker makers that offer sustainable ranges worth checking out.

3. Invest in effect stickers

Invest in Effective Stickers

Make sure you find the perfect material for your sticker marketing campaign to generate that stand-out effect. Many sticker printing companies offer amazing materials from holographic and transparent to fluorescent and glitter.

The right material can really elevate the perception of your product, giving it a premium look and highlighting its exceptional quality. Effect material not only helps your product to be seen, but it also allows you to create amazing colors.

Printing color on a transparent material creates a beautiful stained-glass effect whereas holographic colors appear metallic. These color effects can be controlled by printing white on top of the material and then following with the desired color. This way, your colors will come out opaque and full. This is a great technique to highlight parts of your design and create amazing effects as pictured below.

4. Leave an impression with guerrilla tactics

When you hear guerrilla, you might not think of advertising at all. The term originated in war. There is described the advantages of small fighting troops over the traditional military. Smaller groups are more flexible and agile, faster, and can thus plan surprise attacks more effectively.

Guerrilla marketing is based on these elements. Instead of major budgets, it centers on creating unconventional advertising strategies by relying on employees’ creativity, time, and energy. Such unconventional strategies aim to catch customers off-guard and place them in a situation where they have to interact with a brand to ignite an emotional reaction. This ensures that the brand experience will be remembered which increases brand exposure and familiarity.

You can really let your creativity run free and try out many different guerrilla marketing strategies. However, custom vinyl stickers are the most efficient way to achieve a guerrilla effect. They allow you to cover many locations with a stand-out design that will catch people’s attention. Vinyl stickers are perfect as they withstand sunlight, water, and scratches, meaning you get the longest lifespan out of your marketing efforts.

We hope you enjoyed these tips and tricks and now have all the information to jump straight into the world of sticker marketing. Let us know if you have tried out some of our tips or even share your sticker secrets with us in the comments below.