Elements of On Page SEO and How to do On Page SEO

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What Is On Page SEO?

When you think of the most basic SEO tactics like using keywords in your copy and optimizing the HTML code, meta description, alt tags, title tags, and that’s the foundation for on-page Search Engine Optimization.

How to do On Page SEO

Keyword Research and Analysis. It is one of the keyword research software tool. I will Generate keywords, analyse keywords and sort. Each and every keywords were searched by the people who need the information in online. Keywords are the main thing to implement the websites and easy to get high rank and brings traffic to our website. Long tail keyword are the more important and are very easy to find the information easily from the search engine.


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Focus On High-Commerciality Keywords. It Focus upon ranking for keyword phrases with high commercial intent (i.e. sales transactions) various information. There are many keywords tools in the markets which are Semrush.com, Keywordspy.com, and Seorch.eu. These are the paid tools to find the keyword. You want keyword traffic that increases sales from real owners! The ultimate keyword possesses high monthly United States of America search volume, high cost on click dollor, low competition, or pay-per-click dollar amounts in Google Ad words, These are coming to the we have to focus upon a specific marketing niche.

Integrate Essential On-page SEO Mechanical Elements. There are the types of header tags, they are H1, H2, H3, H4 which will increase the page content with clear page. The Title tag should be H1 and the subheading are shown in H3. Which will give benefits of add structured mark-up, parsing page content into distinct sections, , image title tags, add image alt tags and, integrate keywords and long-tail keywords, add internal linking, use user-friendly URLs.

Add Cornerstone Content. If we add more than 1000 words to 1500 word in a blog it will increase the length and which will include the all on page SEO steps. Which will help to bring more traffic to our website. You can also add in frequently asked questions which can generate huge amounts of qualified traffic from people asking questions from our website. Group content into related sections with themed paragraphs which also help to get rank on Google.


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Improve the Title Tag and Description Meta tag. Title tag and Description Meta tags are some of the most important for tall the On-page Search Engine Optimization elements. Which will helps to increase the traffic in an organic way. You have to avoid copy write content in the title tag and the description because if it is done, the Google will rank you in low level. The Title tag should be in 60 characters and the meta description is under 160 characters

Write Effective Headlines, Sub-headings, Headings Tags. Which will improve H1, H2, H3, H4 tags or heading tags on all web pages including different types of the head keyword topic found in the web page title tag improves Search Engine Result Page when it is click-through. Add useful and meaningful heading tags each paragraphs. In addition, you can add images and videos to attract the viewer’s which will also help to increase the traffic for our website.

Keyword Choice and Keyword Selection Strategies – Pick Your Battles. Long-tailed keyword phrases, LSI keywords, select individual keyword phrases and supporting semantic keywords that will cover over all depth of coverage towards the topic or paragraph sub-topic. The main Goal is to target the keyword is between unachievable, too-competitive and no-traffic volume thus easy-to-rank-for.

Judiciously Integrate Different Keyword Types. Which is an advance the subject by adding value in your area. For getting benefits of On Page Search Engine Optimization steps place head keywords early and prominently in the body copy above-the-fold thoroughly covering keyword topics which can be a crucial component in the On Page Search Engine Optimization process. Usually ten or more keyword phrase variations supporting the head topic which can include count of 350 to 500+ words.

Additional SEO Copy Writing. Adding more Search Engine Optimization Copywriting content could be necessary in order to increase to support the integration of 10+ keyword additions or the content topical coverage. Longer in-depth content say 500+ to 1500+ words 0or with more words per page, in content length develops the topic more thoroughly and increases the probability of ranking on many of the keywords.

Understand Differences Between Organic SEO – Local SEO – and Technical SEO. In Organic Search Engine Optimization your site is competing nationally against ALL websites on your business topic in your country ie. USA. In local Search Engine Optimization you’re competing in your chosen geographical area as acknowledged in your Google My Business profile (without sound organic Search Engine Optimization you have no chance at Local Search Engine Optimization Rankings), Technical Search Engine Optimization refers to technological issues present that are holding you back from rankings eg.


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 Stylize The Content. We have to design in attractive way to the viewers. By adding different colored text, adding visual space,adding italics, use attractive font combinations, complementary color schemes and color palettes, insert fast-loading images, weighted text, and relevant blue links to make the page more interesting looking aesthetically, and correct spacing dimensions.

Add Visual Content. We can Visual content like Annotated Screen Shots for Proof, Multimedia, Slide Shows, Social Media Icons, Infographics, Gifs, Widgets, Apps, Embed Videos Statistics and Primary or Secondary Research, links to E-Books, Images. Videos are more powerful to attract the viewer’s that will help to improve over website. Adding photos with make easy understanding and , embed Youtube videos or Vimeo.com videos and captions, useful diagrams or charts or graphs to increase customer engagement for ways to reduce bounce rates in the website. We can edit the image or video for our satisfaction.

Conduct Internal Linking to Distribute Link Equity. Internal linking is when the users clicks on the particular link which will brings to our website. If we add many internal link in our site which will helps to increase the rank and brings traffic to our website. The use of internal links are which will brings the rank in an organic way to our website.

Submit XML Site Map – Submit to Fetch as Google. By adding XML sitemaps identifies recently edited pages for Google to crawl. Crawl is nothing but collection of all the data’s. Where Submit recently edited pages to “Fetch as Google” in Google Search Console.

Install Outbound Links – External Linking. In the body of content, we have to add external link to outside authoritative citation sources or adding authenticity, citing references for improving user experience, independent research, and as a relevancy signal for the page.