How to Handle Social Selling Situations


You’ve put in all of the effort and done all of the hard work.

Now comes the big meeting and one that is going to be held outside of the office premises and Zoom calls that have been your territory for the last few months.

Meetings can occur anywhere in the world of selling and you simply have to be prepared.

Deals can be won or lost over a simple meal…and all of the hard work goes down the drain, so here are a few tips to help you succeed in any social selling environment to meeting the team of the boss that you have successfully sold your product to in a coffee shop, to having a nice dinner in a restaurant where the CEO might attend or drop in for the pre-dinner drinks.

And everything in between.

When you get the chance to interact socially, it is both a mark of respect to you in the sense that the company wants to now conclude matters and appreciates exactly what you have done for them so far…and also a test!

The best way to view any social selling situation is to view it as a test.

Here are some key points to help you and based on real experience:

  • Dress – make sure you are dressed appropriately for the occasion. The key here is to blend in with the environment and the people you are meeting. If you are going to an upscale restaurant, then dress for that occasion, but if you are selling to a formal and say, financial company in the city of London, or Manhattan, then adjust as needed.
  • Blend in with the people – make sure that you don’t stand out like a sore thumb, because you are constantly talking and trying to upstage or compete with people. Be yourself. Sit back and listen…answer questions with transparency and honesty, just remember that you must be consistent with all of the questions you have answered before, by email and in meetings.
  • Behavior – never, ever lose control of your behavior and no matter what you client does. Just because some of the group is getting blind drunk, doesn’t mean you have to and remember that you are the outsider in the group and not part of the team. Act accordingly.
  • At the restaurant – follow the lead of your client and never order your favorite starter because it’s on the menu and you love it, when your client states they don’t want one. You never know the time pressures of your client, so follow them and remember, it’s not about you.
  • Paying – if you are expected to pay the bill, then do it discreetly. There is nothing worse than scrutinizing a check to make sure you haven’t been over-charged and in front of your client. Get hold of the manager beforehand and make arrangements to do things properly.

These are just a few, quick guidelines and it is so important to remember that deals can be lost during these situations…your client obviously loves what you have said and done before this point, but now wants to find out who you are and how you handle yourself. For health & social care job app, check out – OUTT

Because how you handle yourself will give them a good insight into how you will handle their business.

Keep in control at all times.

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