Pest control as daily routine to keep away the Risks

 Here we listed some simple tasks that help to fight with the common entry of pests like rodents, ants, termites, and other common insects. Instead of calling professionals you can resolve the pest problem on your own if you know the tricks and control measures of certain common pests. In case if you facing more trouble because of an infestation then call well-trained pest control professionals to deal with your pest problem.

To maintain your home without pest, check our checklist.

 Checklist for Outdoor Pest Control

Pest control as daily routine

 First, check the outside area of your house and make sure there are no wastage things present for the favor of pests’ entry

  • Seal the all the pipe holes and small cracks with the help of wooden cork or any sponge
  • Inspection should be taken as routine by checking the availability of any damages caused by pests. If you spot any chewed pipe or plastic substance you can confirm the existence of pest in your home.
  • Keep your lawn grass as low trimmed and don’t allow any plants or trees to overgrow. If the branches of trees fall on your house balcony it gives way for any pest to make an entry path.
  • Check for the availability of nest in your garden. In case if you found any birds nest clear that immediately
  • Don’t allow any standing water along your house side. Clear the fallen leaves and other wastes that block the holes of the water flow. Standing water will be a perfect zone for pest breeding.
  • Check your windows and doors, some pest will damage those wooden products, in case if you found any damages repair it soon.
  • Don’t store your firewood’s close to your living place. Make sure to keep them 20 meters away from your homeplace.
  • If you have a water foundation nearby your living place, spend a few minutes, and clean the water flow daily with the help of anti-insect agents.
  • Have natural pest control products like neem oil, cinnamon sticks, and some green pesticides and spray the solution around your home every day to get rid of the common pests.
  • Don’t take a chance of standing water around your house.

Checklist for Outdoor Pest Control

Pest control as daily routine

  • Don’t keep any wastes or garbage inside your house. Dispose of it regularly into your recycling bin.
  • Always keep your kitchen clean and doing regular clean and wiping of food spills and throw away the food wastes.
  • Don’t keep any ripe fruits inside your home
  • Regularly Trim your indoor plants
  • Keep your toilet area clean and hygienic.
  • Check your basement pipes and bathroom gate walls for leakages and repair the damaged pipes
  • Don’t keep your indoor area as moist always
  • If possible, install the insect prevention nets for windows and doors
  • Place all the food items in a tightly closed container and seal it properly
  • Do regular vacuuming and sweeping
  • Use the mint spray and some refresher to keep the pest away from your home
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