How To Perfect Leaflet Design In Your Business?


Your business has one shot to land a positive first impression among the masses. If you’re running a multi-faceted marketing campaign, the leaflets you’re posting door-to-door will play an instrumental role in establishing meaningful connections.

Of course, people can also have very strong opinions about leaflets, whether it’s malicious and misleading content, unethical manufacturing practices, or even ugly designs. These classic marketing methods can be rather polarising, and riding that terrain smoothly is essential.

Many problems can be avoided with business leaflets from early on in the design stage. How is that possible? We provide some musings below for firms like yours to perfect leaflet design.

How To Perfect Leaflet Design In Your Business?

Nail Down the Message

Nail Down the MessageEvery great design begins with a clear and comprehensive plan. The same is true for your leaflet.

Begin by definitely answering what your business leaflet is setting out to achieve. For example, it may:

  • Introduce your business and its brand objectives.
  • Promote limited-time special offers, discounts, and other promotions.
  • List case studies and testimonials in favour of your operations.
  • Advertise job vacancies.
  • Invite recipients to corporate socials and detail these occasions.

The topics mentioned above aren’t everything a business leaflet can set out to achieve. However, it should give you some idea of what types of content can be covered. Ideally, each would get its own leaflet, giving recipients highly-focused information compactly and conveniently. Any meandering from a central topic may cause interest to wane.

Work with a Leaflet Distribution Company

Work with a Leaflet Distribution CompanyWhen we think of distribution companies, our minds can wander to prompt couriers sending goods. However, firms in the leaflet arena provide all of this in more.

For instance, DOR-2-DOR are a leaflet distribution company that specialises in the design, artwork, printing, and sending of company leaflets. They provide a professional and data-centric service and can advise and adapt your strategies based on your firm’s needs. Whether you want to target niche demographics in your local area or tweak the B2B branding, it can be done with a professional service.

Outsourcing can often generate cost savings, and leaflet delivery experts often operate with these goals in mind. They provide flexible quotes that are personalised to business needs, ensuring your firm doesn’t overspend. Working with these experts will ensure leaflet design is conducted sustainably and feasibly and that you’re not overburdened with worries that distract you from great ideas.

Focus on Simple Presentation

Focus on Simple PresentationNot everybody has the time to get through a leaflet as they would a novel. The information presented should be concise.

If you did nail down the message and have worked with experts, you’ll be in a position where the road ahead is looking increasingly clearer with your leaflet design efforts. However, those receiving your leaflet need to feel the same way, especially as many believe that attention spans are getting shorter in the UK.

Endeavour to use simple sentence structures in your leaflet. Lean on basic vocabulary and mitigate jargon use. Images and bullet points should also be plentiful to make your content more digestible for all. Make all calls to action, like asking people to visit URLs or ring phone numbers, stand out. A high-contrast colour scheme will draw attention to where it needs to be. The more recipients can follow along with the info presented, the better.