All About Ibstock Bricks

All About Ibstock Bricks

Ibstock Bricks PLC manufactures Ibstock bricks. The company is the largest manufacturer of clay and concrete building products. Ibstock has won many awards in brick making field and they are a very reliable supplier of bricks. This article lets us explore more about Ibstock bricks, types of Ibstock bricks, and the strength of Ibstock bricks.

What are Ibstock Bricks?What are Ibstock bricks

Ibstock bricks are the largest brick manufacturing company of clay bricks and pavers in the UK. Ibstock bricks are durable and a popular choice for exterior facades. Ibstock bricks have been used for years, especially in the house and commercial buildings and are ideal for the outside walls of any building. These bricks are designed to have a clean and even look. There is a wide range of Ibstock bricks to select from.

Types of Ibstock Bricks

Types of Ibstock Bricks

Ibstock manufactures a wide variety of bricks, all these bricks are different in colours and styles. Some Ibstock bricks are contemporary, while others are more rustic or clean cut. There are many kinds of Ibstock bricks to suit all conditions, requirements, aesthetics and have a variety of applications.

Ibstock have 500 bricks and brick slips and rain-screen cladding systems. The Ibstock is one of the largest brick and paving companies in an extensive range of engineering bricks, facing bricks, paving bricks and blocks. The bricks and pavers come in standard and unique shapes. Furthermore, over 360 different types of Ibstock bricks are available as slip bricks and the traditional stock brick range has a distinctive character, whereas the refurbishment range is available in various sizes. The glazed bricks from Ibstock are available in six vibrant gloss colours, while the Umbra range is designed to create exciting shadow effects.

Here is the main Ibstock product range:

  • Brick, Pavers and Special Shapes
  • Ibstock Brick Slips
  • Traditional Stock Brick
  • Refurbishment Bricks
  • Glazed Bricks
  • Ibstock Linear Bricks
  • Ibstock Umbra Bricks
  • Elementix Clay Rainscreen cladding system
  • Fireborn Clay Rainscreen cladding system
  • Tilebrick Wall Elevations
  • Ibstock Ecological Products

How Strong are Ibstock Bricks?

How Strong are Ibstock Bricks

Ibstock bricks have superior durability and strength and are ideal to use in most locations. They are robust, dense and hard.


Ibstock bricks are the bricks manufactured by the largest brick manufacturer in the UK. They manufacture a wide variety of bricks in different colours and styles. So no matter what your needs are, you will find a quality product that matches your requirement in the Ibstock brick range.